Miscarriage Care Campaign: how to get involved

We're asking politicians to pledge to improve miscarriage care, based on the principles in our Code, by 2020 - the end of the next parliament.

UPDATE: Labour Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham pledged to include commitment to improve miscarriage care in Labour's 2015 manifesto. Read the full webchat here.

This is great news, but of course there's still a way to go: to be sure that care will improve, we need not only Labour, but the Conservatives and the Lib Dems to commit too.

Please ask Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) and Norman Lamb (@normanlamb) for their support - click the button to the right to Tweet at them. 

Health trusts can make changes to the way they treat their own patients, and some trusts already provide brilliant care, but the only way to ensure good care for all is if the politicians at the top take personal responsibility to improve the care women receive.

Don't use Twitter? Please send an email to the politicians who can make this happen:

We need to ask them to include a promise in their next manifesto to make miscarriage care better. Accounts of personal experiences are particularly effective for explaining why we need their support, but we've included some suggested text below to start you off.

Dear xxxx,

I know you'll be concerned about the care received by women who miscarry so please let me know you're backing Mumsnet's campaign for better miscarriage care. I'm asking you to include a manifesto commitment to improve miscarriage care for all women by 2020.



Last updated: 26-Jun-2014 at 12:25 PM