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from The Hasler Show

Twitter: @thehaslershow

A blog about life in the maternity wards, written from the perspective of a premature baby. Providing support and updates to other parents.


from The Twisted Braid

Twitter: @Octaviapink

A knitting and crafting blog, with occasional forays into house renovation.

The Home County

from The Home County

A fun and fanciful blog that's full of flair by a mother in Berkshire.

coombe farm

from Tales from the Farmer's Wife and Mummy to Six

Twitter: @coombemill

A blog covering the funny and interesting happenings on our farm, cooking secrets and parenting posts. This blogger's a working mum and wife to farmer Nick.

the family adventure project bicycle

from The Family Adventure Project

Twitter: @familyonabike

What happens when an adventure addict meets a misdaventure magnet... Ideas and inspiration to make your family life more active, adventurous and interesting.

the world of ward

from The World of Ward

Twitter: @emmawardswords

This blogger's writing about life with her two young sons in the delightful county of Surrey.


from The Fortysomething Undomesticated Devil

Twitter: @lizzie_Loodles

Read these amusing observations of life, family, friends and pets. There are also some flash fiction posts too to get the creative juices flowing.

Theatre, Poetry and Feminist Politics

from Theatre, Poetry and Feminist Politics

Twitter: @lisafparry

Blog of playwright Lisa Parry, featuring views on theatre, politics, feminism and the arts.


from Three Beautiful Things

Twitter: @threebt

Each day she writes about the three best things that happened.


from The Secret Beauty Blogger

Twitter: @SBBUK

A beauty editor blogging features and reviews.