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its all about teen

from It's All About Teen

An honest and funny blog about parenting a teenager from someone who is new to it all - this blog will have you in stitches!

Just Bring the Chocolate

from Just Bring the Chocolate

Twitter: @Renatabplus3

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Parenting special needs children- one undiagnosed, one Aspie and their sibling.

standing tall on my knees

from Standing Tall on My Knees

One blogger dad's tale of his family's escape from London in search of the good life in his native Scotland.

reflections in b flat

from Reflections of A Modern Mother in B Flat

Twitter: @LindseyBiebuyck

Lindsey documents the difficulties of being a hapless modern woman who gave up her career to be a ballet mum. Follow her as she tackles working from home and doing the dreaded ironing.


from Mumasaurus

Mumasaurus has two gorgeous boys, aged one and three. Having stumbled from 'will never Ever have kids', to bringing up two of them, this is her place to share stories of the perplexing new world she...


from Kitchen Sink Dramas

Twitter: @desperateannie

A mum of four children, keeper of 7 rabbits, blogs about her funny life in County Kildare. Never mind the rain, the wind and the recession in Ireland, life is still good here in the Isle of Jedward.


from Mums That Care

Twitter: @!/MumsThatCare

A blog that aims to support mums so they can be the mums they want to be through balance, connection and parenting support.

coombe farm

from Tales from the Farmer's Wife and Mummy to Six

Twitter: @coombemill

A blog covering the funny and interesting happenings on our farm, cooking secrets and parenting posts. This blogger's a working mum and wife to farmer Nick.

blogging the tiredness grace

from Blogging the Tiredness

Twitter: @bloggingtired

A blog about tiredness, about being a tired mother, and about the many possible causes and cures for tiredness...

the family adventure project bicycle

from The Family Adventure Project

Twitter: @familyonabike

What happens when an adventure addict meets a misdaventure magnet... Ideas and inspiration to make your family life more active, adventurous and interesting.