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Is it just my baby that sounds like a Pterodactyl?

from Cake and Tea Blog

Twitter: @cakeandtealover

This cake-loving mother shares her quest to beat the mummy tummy.

Just Bring the Chocolate

from Just Bring the Chocolate

Twitter: @Renatabplus3

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Parenting special needs children- one undiagnosed, one Aspie and their sibling.

blogging the tiredness grace

from Blogging the Tiredness

Twitter: @bloggingtired

A blog about tiredness, about being a tired mother, and about the many possible causes and cures for tiredness...

Bunmi Foods You Can

from Foods You Can

Twitter: @foodsyoucan

Read more about food allergies, intolerances and other health matters in this blog by a coeliac sufferer. Learn about which foods you can eat if you're food intolerant, and where to buy them from.

Mum in the South

from Mum in the South

Twitter: @ErickaWaller1

A blog about being a full time mum to three very young daughters. This is an account of what motherhood does to your waistline, marraige, social life and sanity!


from Fab40foibles

A blogger who's studying psychology discusses turning forty in style - well, in her style, anyway.

Sarah at the Sanctuary

from Sarah at The Sanctuary

Twitter: @sanctuarySarah

The anecdotes of a recovered alcoholic.


from Dietitian UK

Twitter: @dietitianuk

This blogger's a dietitian and a mum who writes about life, recipes, cooking with my toddler, nutrition snippets and more.

Bewildered Bug

from Bewildered Bug

Twitter: @bewilderedbug

Glutenfree dairyfree, baby-wanting self-proclaimed people-watching allergy queen just trying to navigate this obstacle course called life


from A Girl Runner

Twitter: @agirlrunner

A blog about struggles with training and single motherhood.