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Video highlights from BlogFest 2013

If you were at BlogFest '13 - or if you weren't, and want to find out what all the buzz is about - come and have a look at our brilliant highlights.

We think these vids really give an idea of the fantastic atmosphere and energy of the day, and show how inspiring so many of the speakers and panels were. Don't forget to tweet us - @MumsnetBloggers - if you spot yourself or your blogging friends.


Here's the fabulous Jo Brand giving her highly entertaining (and just a little sweary) keynote speech on the power of women's voices:


Our Think Bombs were a highlight of BlogFest - a series of short, thought-provoking blasts from three great thinkers on the topic of 'Future minds: how will technology shape how we think?'

Here's the utterly brilliant Jon Ronson on confronting the inventors of a spambot who stole his Twitter identity - and discussing whether social media has become a platform for a new kind of 'public shaming'. Hugely stimulating, a bit sweary - and very, very funny.



Take a glimpse inside the brilliant mind of Prof Tanya Byron, who talked passionately about the dangers of demonising new technology - and the importance of engagement and education across generations.



Empowering computer whizz Dr Sue Black explains why tech-savvy mums are the most important people in our communities, with the potential to enforce serious change in the UK.



In our opening keynote panel, Richard Bacon, Stella Creasy MP, Toby Young, Marta Cooper and Mark Stephens pondered the tricky topic of The New Wild West: what kind of internet do we want? It really is interesting viewing - but if you haven't got time to watch the whole discussion, scroll down for key moments you can skip to.


3.15 - On Caroline Criado Perez's abuse following campaign to get Jane Austen on the £10 note
6.00 - Stella Creasy details the abuse she's received online
7.52 - Does social media allow for a new form of abuse? Is anonymity a key factor?
13.00 - Toby Young: 'there's a question of credible threats vs offensive comments - when should the police be involved?'
17.30 - 'There's specific difficulties related to applying harassment law to social media'
20.40 - Stella Creasy on deploying kitten pictures
22.15 - Toby Young: 'Twitter needs a clear policy, but Stella's campaign imposes UK law globally and that's problematic'
30.05 - Mark Stephens: 'Police need to do more'
33.42 - Richard Bacon describes distressing messages that trolls sent to his wife
35.20 - 'We need a cultural change; it starts with teaching respect, equality and consent in our schools'
39.00 - 'It's up to companies to make safe online spaces if they want people to continue using them'