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5yo stressed at school

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laraeo Tue 05-Nov-13 21:45:02

DS is 5 1/2. He's in kindergarten (US). Has an articulation disorder - SALT for @ 3 years and perhaps SPD - getting OT since Jan. For the past month he's been clearly stressed at school. Chewing tons (I posted about it before), more argumentative, tantrums, etc. He has a chew thing for school & his teacher is v good (dual certified primary & special ed).

It seems he's trying desperately to keep it together at school - with some success - and when he gets home it all comes out.

I've asked him about it but he can't express what the problem is.

Academically he's fine - other than his fine motor skills which are a work in progress.

He's had the last 4 days off and the chewing's diminished, the arguing hasn't been nearly as bad and I'm dreading him going back. And I do really like the school & his teacher.

At least the holiday season is almost upon us and he'll have some time off.

I should also say he's got a pediatric ophthalmologist appt in early Dec. - definitely nearsighted (no surprise there).

Not sure what I'm looking for here. Does anyone have coping strategies for their DCs? He gets some down time but also has Tae Kwon Do 3/week which I think I'm going to drop down to 2/week.

Has anyone found glasses made a difference in DC's behavior?

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