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Dd 4 is about to be discharged from SALT, but I'm not sure I agree....

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okthatsweird Mon 23-Sep-13 11:28:55

My Dd has been under SALT since she turned 3, she is now 4 yrs 7 months. She was struggling with speech sounds and seemed to be struggling to recall information from memory. The SALT originally spoke to Dd's school who told her she was doing fine since she had been at nursery (because after all nobody interacted with her before then confused) and they had done a vocab test with her which she fell into the average bracket. The SALT said on that information and the fact she was progressing with her speech sounds she would of discharged my Dd but wouldn't as Dc with similar difficulties end up back in the system later fair enough.

1 month later SALT contacts school again and then on next visit tells me that she will see Dd one more time and then discharge because she believes that she is where she needs to be???.

My Dd can still not name her cats which we have had since she was a baby or whether they are a boy or a girl, which we have told her every time she asks), renames things e.g a spider is a crawler, the cooker is never the cooker but a washer etc. I would understand if this only happened occassionally or she very rarely came into contact with these objects but she does daily and I always repeat back in my own sentence what they are! It's due to this fact that I don't think all is well!

Because she could point out from 3 pictures what should go together e.g. toothbrush and toothpaste. The SALT said there are no memory issues because she knows whats what she just doesn't know what to say??? confused.

Not sure what to do...Dd's final appointment is coming up, and I really don't know what to do...any wise words??

cranberryorange Mon 23-Sep-13 16:14:17

We were in the same position as you a year ago with Ds.

SALT were desperate to discharge him even though he fell into the very bottom of normal range between 11th/16th centile. We spent a small fortune on an assessment from a private SALT who did a formal assessment instead of the usual 3 pics and a puzzle then sod off approach from NHS!

She wrote a really thorough report of her findings and the results and Ds was diagnosed with delays in both areas and pragmatic language impairment.

It had the desired affect and backed the NHS into finally assessing Ds properly and lo and behold their findings were the same!

The bottom line is we proved he had significant language issues but the support has still remained pointless and useless so he is floundering in Yr 1 now and remains very unhappysad

zzzzz Mon 23-Sep-13 22:47:01

Have you ever seen a peadiatrician?

okthatsweird Tue 24-Sep-13 18:12:46

Sorry to hear that cranberry I just can't get over the change of plan from the minute she wants Dd to continue and the next she's fine. In our area nobody ever seems to want to give you a detailed report but she did say after her initial assessment with Dd that she was at the bottom of average for most things but within the norm so no concerns. I might look into a private SALT.

zzzzz no Dd has not seen a peadiatrician, theres never really been any need to it's just the speech that's concerning me TBH my Ds AS was very fluent with his speech by 3 and sometimes I have asked myself whether I'm expecting too much (after all what is typical?) but just can't shake the examples from above.

zzzzz Tue 24-Sep-13 18:28:25

I would want a peadiatrician to look at neurological differences (not necessarily ASD). The language is a symptom rather than a root cause of many more subtle issues.
My eldest child talked in sentences at 12 months, ds is severely language disordered, and the other 3 on the early side. I know that feeling of "what the fuck IS normal?"

Anniemousse Mon 30-Sep-13 13:52:49

I fought against ds being discharged from SLT earlier in the year. Have c&p'd from my email for you. Feel free to use any of it if it is helpful.
We won by the way grin

"Please would you send me copies of your reports from visits made over the last 12 months since he started school, and your observations and assessments that indicate his improvement is so great he no longer requires SLT input.

I am sure he needs ongoing specialist input to enable him to access the full curriculum and manage social interactions in school. As academic demands increase, I anticipate his difficulties with language (eg pragmatics and inference ) are proving a greater barrier to achieving his potential.

I am very happy with the way school have implemented the strategies you advised. I understand that at times his needs will be greater, and at other times his need for input will be less. However, I am aware that he is going to need continued input. Following his Annual Review, I would be happy to discuss an appropriate SLT review interval.

I have already experienced the delays that can unfortunately happen trying to access SLT services when in crisis, and the impact this had on my son and our family. I am not prepared for him to be discharged from a service he continues to need, to have to go through a referral pathway again when his needs are greater than they are today."

As an aside we had a formal complaint about delays and accessing the service when he was first referred, which went to the second level to get resolved, so they knew I wouldn't back down.

Time to be that mother

sugaplumfurry Mon 04-Nov-13 12:49:06

llo! have name changed...wanted to be furry instead of weird! grin

Just wanted to update those who replied..thank you.

We recently went for Dd's parents evening, CT said she was doing very well, has settled in well. Which TBH I already predicted would happen (CT was DS's reception teacher too) and there is a noticable change in her wanting to attend school too. She is having small group work to help with vocab/sounds as per S&L program. Now something which did worry me a little (or reading too much into!) was 2 comments the CT made during our chat..

1) We are trying to build up tinysuga's confidence to have a go at answering questions during circle time.

2) Sugaplum will happily go around the room and have turns with all the activities...but she is very quiet and doesn't tend to talk much to anyone when she is.

We went for the S&L appointment. Dd did really well with her speech sounds the therapist was very happy with her progress, but before she got to the point of discharging she asked me if I had any other concerns... so I mentioned what the CT had said and also my concerns about her 'forgetting' things. She thinks it sounds more of a long term memory issue which may not be part of speech and language. So she will contact Dd's CT and do a full assessment of her speech and language, if her profile is 'spikey' it will highlight any possible learning difficulties and we will go from there.

I won't lie....I'm worried sad

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