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Can someone help??

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Aceofspades79 Sun 08-Sep-13 09:35:40

I've posted about this before but it has came to the point where we think dd16 has dyspraxia, it was suggested by a family member who said she showed all the traits of a dyspraxic personhmm

I just wanted to check with parents of other dyspraxia children to see if she really does have the traits, e.g: can't tie her shoelaces, really bad handwriting, can't use knife or fork properly , can't catch a ball and is generally very clumsy.

Is it just clumsiness or should I get her tested? She's hoping to go to uni to be a midwife so hoping it doesn't affect that sad

PolterGoose Sun 08-Sep-13 10:42:25

I'd ask for an OT assessment, either via GP or school nurse. Many universities are really good at supporting students with additional needs so having a dx, or even just formal acknowledgment of some of her difficulties, is more likely to be a good thing rather than a hindrance.

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