Shirley's Party Advice Part 7 - how did they all get so big...

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Part 7 - link to previous one to follow!

In fact, I wouldn't make the cake, I would buy two of the plain rectangular supermarket 'add your own photo' cakes; rip off the fondant icing, stick them together, create hills and cover in buttercream. Decorate with dragon and eggs.

The rectangular, hilly, cake sounds cool. Just make as a Victoria sponge, perhaps with 3 layers so that you can hack away at landscape the top layer and then buttercream!! Or American frosting. No need to be precise with buttercream and it'll give a textured, grassy, finish.

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 20:44:29

I couldn't do ANY of the ones on there either. Come on cake experts - we need you smile

Baddderz Thu 24-Jul-14 20:15:26

I've done that and traumatised myself! smile
They are properly good.
I'm not capable of anything like that, sadly.
I was thinking a normal Victoria sponge but hollowed out in the middle and decorated (crushed up flakes?) then filled with different coloured eggs would be a good dragons nest?
But seeing those cakes, it sounds rubbish sad

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 20:00:00

Ooh if you google this:

how to train your dragon 2 cake

And then click images.

Loads of really lovely cakes come up!!

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 19:53:33

I'm rubbish at cakes, but if you put the below into google:

how to train your dragon 2 party

And click images several rather good cake images come up. One was a rectangular cake, with raised green land masses and then a plastic dragon stuck on - looked quite good? Also some nice displays come up of eggs - might be good for party bags/the food table?

Baddderz Thu 24-Jul-14 18:39:09

They are great! Thank you!
It's the cake I'm worried about...maybe I could do a dragons nest? With choc eggs in? I can bake, I just can't decorate sad
Oh dear...
Also, I have printed off some headers to attach to plastic bags to out sweets in which should look quite cool.
But what else to put in? Cake obv, but need something else...?

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 18:15:39
Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 18:13:14

Pin the tail on the dragon?

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 18:12:17

That should say pinata! The Amazon one is pricy but maybe there is a cheaper one out there!

Madrigals Thu 24-Jul-14 18:11:36

Hi badderz, I am so not an expert, but I like the sound of your party!

Dragon piñata?

Baddderz Thu 24-Jul-14 16:31:21

Hello! guys were all so helpful last year for my sons pirate themed b day that I am here - again! - to beg for help for his next party! smile
His last party was a big success and I would like this one to be too.
He turns 6 in Sept and I have to get the invites done for return to school.
That's in hand.
Also party bags.
BUT what is stumping me is;
I need a how to train your dragon 2 cake! What on earth can I do for that! The ones I have seen on goggle are all far more complicated than I could make!
Dragon themed games
Dragon themed favours
All that don't cost a fortune!
We have hired a local place that provides inflatables, toys etc and tables...plates...Cups just bring the food and music.

No idea on how to edit I'm afraid confused
However, what I've done in the past is google specific screensavers (Star Wars in this case) and then added text onto this in publisher or a photo editing programme.

(I've had a quick look and there are loads of great ones )!
Tip: use one with a high resolution as they'll look best when printed.

CobOnTheCorn Tue 08-Jul-14 15:09:47

Hi party planners, can you help me out with some Star Wars invitations please? Ds is turning 7 soon and he wants to invite a handful of friends to our house for some fun and games. I've Googled 'free' invites and found some I like but I can't work out how to edit them. Any ideas?

wars invitations free Star Wars invitations free

invite I like

jetSTAR Fri 04-Jul-14 10:57:36

Yeah I would also say any number for ptp as long as you have extra adults!

You make a good point about the sweets Nonsense, what about a sticker in each layer and then in with the winner's prize is a bag of sweets for everyone to share? Do you think that would get more people to stay in the circle? I do think you have to keep going at a fast enough pace to keep everyone interested ;-)

I've had over 20 for ptp. I used two parcels going in opposite directions with a sticker as well as a sweet in each layer. You need an extra adult or two (and layer) to be sure everyone has a go but it works really well and stops the kiddios losing interest - I begrudge putting a treat in each layer because once they have their sweet, they bugger off, the circle shrinks and the last ones are left all alone! sad

Madrigals Thu 03-Jul-14 12:27:48

Thanks jet! Yes to pink milk and biscuits - party rings!!

What do you think is the max number for pass the parcel? We have about 12 coming now and I'm wondering if that is too many?

jetSTAR Wed 02-Jul-14 22:09:19

Sorry for the double post there!

Yes 3 is maybe a bit young for too many organised games - I usually still do pass the parcel though (with sweets/chocs between each layer) smile

Are you able to be outside and just have things to play with & burn off some energy?

there are bound to be charlie and lola printables on line in case any of the children like colouring. Are you doing pink milk and biscuits?

Madrigals Sun 29-Jun-14 20:22:03

Jet, worryingly I am at the exact same stage but party is in two weeks time!! I have found a supermarket dachshund cake to be the dog c and lola have so am not going to make one blush and have sorted an internet shop for the day before with all the party food so hopefully should all be fine.

I haven't decided whether to do games like musical bumps or not as the average age is three and I think maybe they are a little small??

jetSTAR Sun 29-Jun-14 20:17:25

Party planning going ok thanks Madrigals, there is plenty of choice for an under the sea theme! At the moment I am hovering between the thinking stage and the doing stage when I will have to actually make decisions and spend money!
I'm sorry I've forgotten but have you had your party yet?

jetSTAR Sun 29-Jun-14 20:16:00

Party planning going ok thanks Madrigals, there is plenty of choice for an under the sea theme! At the moment I am hovering between the thinking stage and the doing stage when I will have to actually make decisions and spend money!
I'm sorry I've forgotten but have you had your party yet?

Madrigals Sun 29-Jun-14 17:53:44

I'm happy to come and chat parties, though I'm very far from an expert smile

How is your planning going, jet?

jetSTAR Sun 29-Jun-14 07:52:50

Where is everybody?


Hope everything is ok Blatherskite / Doctorswife / Stealthsqiggle?

jetSTAR Thu 12-Jun-14 12:19:06

Ah yes I agree with you about 5 year old girls!

BUT have they not seen Tinkerbell & the Pirate Fairy movie? wink

I'm sure DD would be more than happy to be a pirate but DS will have girls from class who won't. Apparently, 5yo girls can be very stubborn difficult ......
I will check out that site, thank you

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