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Please note: This topic is for your comments and feedback on Product Tests being run by Mumsnet. It is not the place to post (or ask for) comments on other products. If you do this, your comments may be deleted. If you'd like to run your own product test, please email If you are an entrepreneur or start-up and would like to ask for some feedback, please visit our media requests topic.

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Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches Feedback Thread 282 AlwaysRightN… 29/07/14 20:05
F&F School uniform feedback thread - £250 Tesco voucher prize draw! 162 llynnnn 29/07/14 22:11
Butlins review thread. Non-testers: Tell us what makes the perfect family holiday in the UK and you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher 50 missorinoco 29/07/14 22:43
NOW CLOSED: Volunteers needed to try out LEGO Games - £200 Argos vouchers up for grabs 125 AnnMumsnet 22/09/10 10:30
Feedback thread for the Change Your Meat Not Your Menu Campaign 69 mustrun 26/08/10 10:40
Carbon Trust Footprint Challenge Diary Thread 111 mustrun 25/08/10 23:18
Feedback thread for Appletiser Product Test 262 AndyFromAppletiser 16/08/10 12:05
Olay "Total Effects Wake Up Wonder" feedback/advert 1 LilRedWG 13/08/10 15:32
"What Shall We Do Today?" Feedback thread 388 SoupDragon 12/08/10 16:17
NOW COMPLETED: New Cadbury Buttons Website designed for families with children aged 3-7 needs your feedback. You could win a £100 Amazon voucher and a Cadbury hamper 62 AnnMumsnet 12/08/10 13:51
250 MNers needed to try the 'gently sparkling, 100% fruit juice Appletiser family' and to add feedback on MN - you could win a £250 voucher! 506 AnnMumsnet 01/08/10 22:55
The Grove S-MAX and Galaxy extended test drive 26 weblette 16/07/10 11:47
Mumsnetters and their children needed to test NutraSea omega-3 fish oil 61 lisad123isgoingcrazy 15/07/10 16:06
Five Mumsnetters and their families needed for an overnight trip to a Ribena farm, staying at a luxury boutique hotel. 141 Lilyloo 10/07/10 22:27
YEARs supply of persil - am half waythrough already 22 mustrunmore 29/06/10 18:11
Would you like to take part in an online focus group (and be in with the chance to win £100)? 19 bumpybecky 23/06/10 14:55
Philips Pressurised Steam Generator Iron - Feedback Thread 77 Tanee58 19/06/10 02:21
NutraSea feedback thread 55 Hangingbelly… 18/06/10 09:44
Olay "Total Effects Wake Up Wonder" feedback survey 142 Hulababy 16/06/10 21:15
Nitty Gritty Comb Feedback Thread 62 NittyGrittyMums 10/06/10 14:48
Kenwood Appliance Feedback Thread 62 AnnMumsnet 08/06/10 11:14
I've got my Olay for testing - who else has? 285 maxybrown 05/06/10 16:43
Volunteers aged over 30 needed to test Wake Up Wonder moisturiser by Olay. Free samples worth £13.99 for all testers, plus the chance to win £250. 105 mustrunmore 27/05/10 10:53
Does your family want to take part in the Carbon Footprint Challenge with the Carbon Trust? You could receive £200 worth of vouchers 29 maxybrown 25/05/10 23:14
S-MAX and Galaxy extended test drive 168 Butterball 20/05/10 21:02
Does your child have head lice right now? Would you like to try the award winning Nitty Gritty Comb, and then add feedback on Mumsnet? 42 AnnMumsnet 20/05/10 12:03
Are you about to start weaning your baby? Would you like to test a Kenwood appliance? You could win £100 of John Lewis vouchers..... 111 AnnMumsnet 19/05/10 18:02
Do you have a child aged 2-5? k want you to try their new interactive tool - you could win a Disney goody bag worth £50 76 LoveMyGirls 17/05/10 14:23
Put some steam into your Friday - have some of your ironing done by a World Record Holder and receive a Philips Pressurised Steam Generator Iron worth £200 + Goody bag 161 AnnMumsnet 07/05/10 10:01
Mumsnetters with child/ren aged 3-7 needed to take part in a private online focus group about a Cadbury's website - Thurs April 22nd 1-2.30pm 46 mummyofexcit… 16/04/10 15:20
FEEDBACK THREAD for Joggler testers 666 BoysAreLikeDogs 14/04/10 22:44
Calling everyone who won a ticket to the Motherhood screening: what did you think? 17 mynameis 09/03/10 09:21
Philips Sensual Massagers - feedback 53 SexyDomesticatedDad 14/01/10 13:45
DEXERYL® Cream Feedback Thread 138 dizietsma 04/01/10 20:57
Wanted: five families to test-drive a new Ford 161 AnnMumsnet 22/12/09 18:23
Problems with joggler, who to contact? 4 bramblebooks 30/11/09 20:05
Do you/your child have eczema? Be a tester for Dexeryl emollient and you could win a £250 skincare hamper 70 AnnMumsnet 16/11/09 08:13
The product test you've all been waiting for.... we need 20 testers for the Philips Sensual Massager 216 AnnMumsnet 03/11/09 22:09
Waitrose web series: what did you think? Do tell, please! 13 BuckRogers 26/10/09 11:46
Does your child have problems with bedwetting? Put your questions to a panel of experts here. 82 HeSaysSheSays 19/10/09 13:31
Philips Sonicare for Kids - Testers please add your feedback here and have a chance to win a pair of adult brushes worth £160 37 solo 17/10/09 18:48
Do you have a dog or a cat and want to test one of the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaners? Ten volunteers needed! 181 TheOriginalB… 17/09/09 19:24
25 volunteers needed to offer feedback on a Vodafone parenting website on Sept 17th 1-2.30pm for a £20 fee. 24 clayre 16/09/09 08:46
cybersentinel- is yours still working? 9 foofi 12/09/09 13:57
Waitrose web series: add your tips and questions on the lost art of baking and have the chance to win £100 of Waitrose vouchers 30 purplemonkey… 25/08/09 10:52
Families needed to test new Philips Sonicare for kids - you must have a child aged 4-10 100 Comewhinewithme 14/08/09 08:59
Waitrose web series: add your tips and questions on how to put on a spread and have the chance to win £100 of Waitrose vouchers 14 CheeryCherry 10/08/09 21:10
Waitrose web series: add your tips and questions on cooking for the family and have the chance to win £100 of Waitrose vouchers 51 whomovedmychocolate 10/08/09 16:08
Waitrose web series update: filming's over, but we need your culinary questions and know-how 11 tatt 09/08/09 08:43
Waitrose web series: add your tips and questions on the ultimate dinner party and have the chance to win £100 of Waitrose vouchers 32 JulesJules 08/08/09 11:54
Waitrose web series: add your tips and questions on everyday dishes and have the chance to win £100 of Waitrose vouchers 30 MIAonline 07/08/09 18:10
The Official Hartley's squeezy jam feedback thread - plus a chance to win another £100 or a spa day/ spa vouchers worth £250 (even if you didn't test the jam) 101 serenity 02/08/09 23:53
200 families needed to test Snapz apple crisps plus the chance to win £250 (you need at least one child aged over 6 months) 154 acguest 31/07/09 13:52
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