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Media Project for Parents with disabled children

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Daytrippers36 Wed 28-May-14 12:32:38


I'm curious whether any of your might be interested in contributing to a media project to raise awareness and create conversation about disability + more?

I'm currently collecting starter articles and would love to have more parents involved. The project should debut in June.

If you're interested please e-mail

Thank you!

Kind regards,


zzzzz Wed 28-May-14 13:54:43

Please elaborate on this

"contributing to a media project to raise awareness and create conversation about disability + more"

What are you looking for and what are you going to use it for?

More details please.

Daytrippers36 Wed 28-May-14 14:29:31

"What are you looking for and what are you going to use it for?"

I'm looking for articles that raise awareness and create conversation about disability. For example, one woman is writing about her experience finding out her son had down syndrome. Another parent is discussing the trials and tribulations around discrimination due to her daughter's disability.

These stories/experiences are very valuable for the audience who will be a mix of people affected by disability and those who have no experience with disabled people at all.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at and I can give you more information.

If not, I wish you a great day!


zzzzz Wed 28-May-14 15:12:30

You might want to ask for your thread to be moved to Media Requests. Also given the audience some link to your organisation, and a bit more detail as to what you are going to do with the submitted articles would probably make everyone feel more comfortable.

Good luck.f

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 29-May-14 12:40:55

Thanks for the reports about this thread. We've moved it to Media Requests now and will email the OP to explain our rules.

Daytrippers36 Thu 29-May-14 13:50:06

Thanks for your suggestion ZZZZZ. I would love to elaborate a bit more about the project with anyone who is interested. Please do send me an e-mail. These stories would be for no other purpose aside from raising awareness and conversation about disability in a new news/blog section for Daytrippers Children's Charity. Many thanks,


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