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The Liverpool Care Pathway

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donaldduck33 Thu 26-Sep-13 11:38:38

Hello, I'm working on a project at college on the Liverpool Care Pathway, as some of you may have read in the news there is a lot of controversy about this care plan, i wonder if any of you can tell me if you are for or against this plan and maybe share your stories with me please? I really appreciate your time, thank you in advance. I will not be using any names in my project, it will all be data protected smile Sarah Elms

littleblackno Thu 26-Sep-13 22:48:24

I work with the LCP (i'm not a medical person) and think the bad press is totally unjustified. It's purpose is to keep people comfortable in their last days. I do think however that there is often a lack of communication with families about what it is, why it is in place and what the alternative is ie, medicating and feeding a dying person.
My experiences working within hospitals have been positive for the patient but sometimes not so much for the family. That said the communication issues are not just about this issue and are a more widespread problem - imo.

I have had an experience of the LCP and appalled that anyone would think it a dignified and suitable end for anyone.

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