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Back to School or first time attendee - how does school affect parenting?

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MEDIA: megailsa Thu 08-Aug-13 15:35:20

Hi all,

I’m doing some research for a back-to-school campaign about how your children starting school can affect parenting. If you could take a minute to answer this very short survey I would be really grateful. The link will take you to Survey Monkey (a safe provider).

If you have any further comments about your experiences or would prefer to simply write a quick comment, please do so below. I am particularly interested in school mornings and how you manage to make them run more smoothly.

The sort of questions I am interested in are:

Do you have any tips that you would offer to first time parents about your child’s first day at school? Was it an emotional experience and how did you (and your child) deal with it?

Do you work full time or part time? And how do you manage to get your children ready for school as well as get ready yourself?

Do you take time off work when they’re ill or for school events, and do you feel it affects your work?

Any comments are much appreciated! You can also email anything you might like to contribute to

Thank-you in advance.

popperdoodles Thu 08-Aug-13 15:57:08

Will do survey in a min but in answer to your questions.....

First day at school....I was excited for them more than anything else. My tip would be to not big it up too much. Keep it calm and relaxed as possible. You can dissolve into tears or whoop with joy when you get home.

I work part time and am out of the house exactly the same hrs as the children. You have to get up early I get up 6:30 to leave house at 8:20. I try to put a load of washing the night before so I can hang that out in the morning. I make sure I have time to load the dishwasher and wipe round the kitchen before I leave. It just makes coming home a whole lot more pleasant. Gt the children to do things for themselves as much as they can. Have a routine so it becomes auto pilot. Pack bags night before, make sure clothes etc are located and clean night before. Luckily I don't have to look that smart for work so minimal make up and hair up in a clip takes literally a few mins. If I am washing my hair I do that first so it can mostly dry by its self too.

I am lucky that I have parents and parents in law ready to step in when children are ill so rarely have to take time off for that. School events, I only go to very important key things, not every assembly and coffee morning available and only if it doesn't impact on work. So I have missed things but on the whole have found a way to nip out if it is really important. Work are fine with that as they can see I don't take the mick.

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