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10 question survey for an OU design module I'm currently studying

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MarkyMarkJ Wed 07-Aug-13 21:34:20

Hi, Mark, a long-term lurker here.

I'm currently studying design with the Open University, and am looking to design a new type of luggage for travelling with young children.
Would you possibly be kind enough to complete a quick 2 minute survey to help me?

Thanks in advance,
Mark smile

The survey is here:

You'll probably get told off for advertising on here as you haven't spoke to the Mumsnet staff about this.

I don't have a problem doing it though smile

MarkyMarkJ Thu 08-Aug-13 07:09:12

Thanks HaveI
I'm not entirely sure that asking someone a question constitutes advertising, but I understand the need to tightly control content on a forum.
Should this be an issue for the site moderators, I will remove the survey straight away.

I know it's a bit weird but yes like you say, everything has to be vetted before posting incase it's something else entirely.
I can't see a massive problem though.

Oh and answered the questions by the way.
Hope that helps. smile

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