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Tax Credits - Childcare element

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cogitosum Thu 21-Feb-13 02:35:57

Yep it's salary after any salary sacrifice.

Be aware though that you can't claim for what you are getting as childcare vouchers. So for example if your childcare costs are £500 and you're getting £243 childcare vouchers through salary sacrifice you can only claim for £257 childcare costs.

HMRC have a calculator so you can work out whether you're better or worse off getting childcare vouchers. I can link in the morning if it helps.

Alison888 Thu 21-Feb-13 02:32:12


A little help please.

When calculating your salary, reading the HMRC site it seems like you can deduct pension contributions, what about the salary sacrifice (for childcare vouchers £243p/m) & Student loan payments?


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