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Can a border ever not look naff?

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FriendlyElephant Wed 02-Oct-13 14:03:09

We have not long since moved in to our house and haven't been able to decorate the sitting room because of damp in the walls. We've finally had them damp proofed and replastered, but I didn't realise we couldnt wallpaper over new the plaster! The problem is, they've only done two walls and only halfway up, and the rest of the walls are in no fit state for painting (and having them skimmed is unfortunately out of the question, especially with christmas coming up).

So I was thinking, either line the rest of the walls with lining paper and paint over that and try not to notice the joins, OR paper the tops of the walls all the way around, and paint the bottoms, including the new plaster, and put a border up to cover the join. The only problem is, I've never seen a border/bordered room that I liked! Can anyone help?

wonkylegs Wed 02-Oct-13 16:59:46

Would a dado rail work in the style of room? They make a better break line in some houses

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