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Second hand curtain exchange shops

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deliakate Fri 27-Sep-13 15:50:37

Thanks, yes I have called them, and am planning to take them in so they can view. I was just wondering if anyone else has personal experience of this route.....

sinclair Fri 27-Sep-13 13:52:06

I would call and ask - they will want to see the curtains before they confirm a price but they will give you an idea about what sells. On your side is size, but I am afraid pattern goes against you - especially something traditional - plain curtains in neutral colours are preferred.

But you can but ask.

deliakate Thu 26-Sep-13 21:05:28

Has anyone seen those curtain exchange shops - one chain seems to have branches in Fulham and lots of the home Counties commuter towns.

I want to change our bedroom curtains, but dh is going to go spare, as they were made at quite a great cost (over £3k including the William Morris fabric). They are very big and floor length, so i imagine quite adaptable to different window sizes etc. There are 2 pairs.

Do you think I would get a good price? Ideally, i want the money I make to fund the next curtains, as I have seen a very cheap grey linen in Laura Ashley, that I can hopefully get made up by someone more cheaply than last time.

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