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Bathroom paint

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culturemulcher Sun 28-Jul-13 20:54:46

yup, I thought exactly the same thing. Used normal paint. 1 year later - mold spots appearing on the paint.... had to re-paint in bathroom paint.

Save yourself painting it twice and get the bathroom paint first. AFAIK gloss is okay in bathrooms, just not normal emulsion.

AGnu Sun 28-Jul-13 20:41:04

I'm a little confused by specific 'bathroom paint'. I don't have any walls to paint in my bathroom - just wooden cupboards etc & the ceiling. The bathroom paint I've seen says it's for walls & ceilings. Do I need to use normal gloss paint for the wood (which includes paneling on the side of the bath so needs to stand up to splashing)? How necessary is it to use the anti-mould paint for the ceiling? I resent spending loads on a huge pot when the bathroom's only just big enough to squeeze the bath, sink, toilet & boiler in! We really don't need 2.5l for that tiny ceiling but the 'bathroom paint' only seems to come in big tins! hmm

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