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Colour for hall panelling

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theWookiesWife Thu 01-Aug-13 16:38:19

F&B Charlestone grey - works beautifully with white trims :-)

Nyancat Sun 21-Jul-13 07:33:54

I've just bought 1930s house, needs loads of work done but getting there slowly. There is a really long narrow hall, stairs and landing with fake panelling everywhere. It's also been delightfully varnished with dark varnish with a hand done grain effect. It's very dark and grim but I'm too scared that half the walls might come off if I remove it so am going to paint it out

I'd been looking at doing it natural hessian and white but I've just painted one of the bedrooms grey and it looks great so thinking now of a grey/greige in hall. Can anyone recommend a good grey for hall?


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