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Beautiful ceiling mobiles for kids bedrooms??

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workingtitle Fri 21-Jun-13 16:58:05

I think the flensted mobiles are gorgeous, we've ordered a hot air balloon one, but I'd like something else to go over the changing mat downstairs, so watching with interest!

TwentyTinyToes Fri 21-Jun-13 14:13:38

Djeco make beautiful mobiles, definitely worth a look.

amazonianwoman Mon 17-Jun-13 03:06:54

Flensted mobiles are beautiful.

We have this one but paid much less than that so shop around.

trixymalixy Sun 16-Jun-13 23:20:59

The little baby company always has nice ones.

Valdeeves Sun 16-Jun-13 23:17:50

Moving house and I want to get some lovely mobiles that drop from the ceiling for my little boy and baby girls rooms? Any websites you can recommend?

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