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Can you help me dress a blank canvas?

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OhTheConfusion Thu 13-Jun-13 10:29:43

I am down to the final stages and I have run out of inspration... please help.

We have moved into a new build and the living/diner is a 16ft 8inch by 13ft white rectangle. There is a large glass door and a good sized window. So far we have put in oak flooring and our existing dark grey herringbone fabric sofa, chair and footstool. We have a large venetian mirror to be hung when we get around to it.

I have ordered beige/cream roller blinds for the window and door but I would like to add curtains.

I like the idea of a large oak chest of drawers/side board to put the tv on and stash away the baby's toys, kids drawing stuff etc in. Also like the look of THIS dining table and chair but unsure if the dark grey and light grey would be ok... same style of fabric just different shades.

I was wondering if you wonderful lot could put it all together with curtains, cushions, light fittings (2 main lights plus lamps), art etc?!?!

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