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friffng chocolating heck.

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EmpressOfTheNorthPole Sun 02-Dec-12 15:46:37

And resists eating it while doing so? Yes, that's impressive.

One who served the gorgeous brown stuff.

EmpressOfTheNorthPole Sat 01-Dec-12 23:33:17

You are indeed brillint. What's a ChocolateVeerer?

grin at retailiating.

Nope, I started chuntering about fruit, and she dussed it! I said I was a ChocolateVeerer and wanted to prove how brillint I am being in the face of such rampant temptation.


EmpressOfTheNorthPole Sat 01-Dec-12 23:29:17

GetOrf decapitated your reindeer with fruit??????

Nope, I lied, no eggs!


But still stuff from last Christmas. grin

Decapitated reindeer anyone?

EmpressOfTheNorthPole Sat 01-Dec-12 23:17:08

No, I missed that. How was she rude about your fruit, and why are you retaliating with photos of chocolate?

Pascha Sat 01-Dec-12 23:15:56

You still have Easter eggs?

The phoro's for GetOrf!

She was rude about my fruit, you know?

HoneyDragon Sat 01-Dec-12 23:14:27

Urgh. I still have a MASSIVE bottle of Tia Maria. What do you do with it?

Ooh, I will, I store stuff like taht in the garage. There's still Easter eggs.


I should have taken a photo of what they won on the GrogTombola as well but without the Lambrini.

EmpressOfTheNorthPole Sat 01-Dec-12 23:10:58

Pics take a while to come through and they show the question mark while you're waiting, I know that from all the ones we've got stuck on the walls in the Puddle.
Lucky GetOrf.

HoneyDragon Sat 01-Dec-12 23:09:31

Cor the chaotics did do well

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Sat 01-Dec-12 23:08:32

Get it away from the radiator quick!

QODRestYeMerryGentlemen Sat 01-Dec-12 23:07:21

I see it!

Pascha Sat 01-Dec-12 23:05:21

A questionmark?


Tech is not a fan.

HoneyDragon Sat 01-Dec-12 23:02:58

You've broked it

ivykaty44 Sat 01-Dec-12 23:02:50


Fir GetOrf.


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