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Rashless Shingles ... anyone ?

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squishee Sun 17-Mar-13 10:42:35

Most pharmacists are happy to help you decide whether to see the Dr. They see all sorts, all the time, and how symptoms pan out for people.

When I had shingles (during a stressful time) I felt tired, feverish and uncomfortable enough across half of my back to be really irritable.

When it was itchy enough that I was using a coathanger to reach and scratch, I decided something was up!
Sure enough, the shingles rash was there and duly diagnosed. That was after a good few days of feeling grotty.

Tillyboo Sat 16-Mar-13 22:07:29

Thanks for replying. I've had this feeling for a week or so, on & off - I had it before seeing the doctor but stupidly didn't mention it.

I notice it more in the evening but that might be because I'm quiet & not busy to notice.

It's really annoying rather than really painful, more uncomfortable really.

I feel much better as regards the flu, it's on its way out thankfully but I think I might return to the docs & ask him about this burning feeling.

I've found a lump on my achilles tonight, it's been really painful to walk so I'll have a list of things ... Yawn, I don't like bothering the doctor, I always feel I'm wasting his time !

squishee Sat 16-Mar-13 14:05:38

It sounds like you'll likely get the rash soon enough! It can take a while to come through IME. Did the symptoms appear after you saw the doc?

Tillyboo Sat 16-Mar-13 00:40:30

Hi, I've had a flu bug virus thingy for almost 2 weeks now & felt really ill with it. I've been really breathless to which the doctor prescribed an inhaler (which makes my heart race & my hands shake).

But I've also been having a weird sensation mostly down my left side, & under my bra strap across my back - but mostly down my side. Sort of a pulsing burning, tingling pain. It's not excrutiating but it is uncomfortable & really annoying. It's quite unpleasant.

I'm not one for getting too stressed but there are a few things emotionally going on at the moment & I know stress is not good for shingles.

I do not have a rash after 5 days of this feeling but upon doing some research I've discovered that you can have Shingles without the rash.

Before I bother my doctor again, can anyone shed some light on this ? Or has anyone experienced the same symptoms ?


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