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can i please have some adult experiences with roaccutane please??

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purplerainbow Tue 15-Jan-13 20:31:51

I had acne on my back as a teen had various meds etc and didnt really help. Anyway, It cleared up in my early teens. After i had ds1 (6.7) it flared back up . I was put on every kind of anti biotic going from gp and nothing helped at all. Was sent to 2 different dermatologists. The first one tried a different anti biotic, again did nothing. The second one said the only thing that would get rid of it was roaccutane. At that point i had only heard bad things about it. I spoke to my gp about it but she strongly recommended i didnt try it because of my mental health history. She thought it wasnt worth the risk for me.

I then got pregnant with ds2 (4.2) and it cleared up. After i had ds2 it came back with full force particularly bad on my face. Always worse on my jaw and chin. Again was tried on various meds and still nothing changed. I had quite a few life adjustments and it calmed down a little. Im at a point now though where iv really had enough. If spent money seeing various alternative therapys and nothing has helped. Drink plenty of water. Eat ok, take vitamins. Nothing i do helps. Im currently on sertraline for anxiety. Im wondering if im already on an 'anti depressant' would i still be at risk of the mental health side of things?

Does anyone have any experience as an adult on this?

purplerainbow Sat 26-Jan-13 17:12:24

She didn't say I can't see a dermatologist she said due to 'changes' on the nhs now, I have to see a doctor with an 'interest' in dermatology in a different practise before I can see a dermatologist. My skin does contribute to the anxiety/depression yes. I'm not depressed now, I went on sertraline about 6 months ago due to anxiety. I guess I'll have to see what this guy says.

tacal Sat 26-Jan-13 22:54:03

It was a gp with an interest in dermatology who referred me to a dermatologist and that is how I got roaccutane. Good luck.

BookFairy Sat 26-Jan-13 23:14:54

Oh that happened to me. A private company run part of the dermatology services in my area, so I had to see a (disinterested) GP with special interest before I got to see a proper dermatologist.

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