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Can I make Christmas cake in a loaf tin?

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Smorgs Wed 13-Nov-13 12:06:32

I want to make a small Christmas cake for a coffee morning I'm doing in December. I seem to remember a friend doing a nice Christmas loaf a few years back but I've no idea how to make one. I assume I can't just halve the ingredients and cooking time as it would burn? Could I make a welsh style boiled cake/bara brith and ice it? Anyone have any Christmas loaf recipes please?

newmumof2at42 Wed 13-Nov-13 13:21:30

Just use a Christmas cake recipe it will work fine. I am a baker and this will work. 12oz dried fruit, 1 oz dried apricots, 1oz crushed almonds, 1oz hazelnuts, 6oz plain flour, 5oz butter, 5oz soft brown sugar, 2 1/2 eggs beaten, or 2 large eggs and a spoonful of brandy, teaspoon of mixed spice. In a fan oven should take bout 1 hour - 1 hour 20 mins, check after 1 hour and put in at 150. Also you must line the outside of the tin as well or it will burn at sides. If you have 2 much mixture just put it in muffin tins and bake with cake. Enjoy

Smorgs Wed 13-Nov-13 15:35:18

Great! Thanks for your help

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