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Recommendations for cake bakers in North London?

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silverorange Tue 12-Nov-13 01:59:15

Hi Everyone,

Need help! Organising husband's 40th birthday for Saturday 23rd November and need a cake! Was thinking of a science/medical themed cake to fit with his occupation and interests but was wondering if anyone could recommend a cake baker/bakery they had used to make a really good quality bespoke cake? I live in Scotland so am trying to organise this from a distance.

Many thanks!

You might want to try Cumberland Caterer's or Herriott's - they are both in the Harrow/Brent area and are really, really good. Not sure about delivery etc though - where is the party? Is there anyone who could help you with picking up etc?

Sorry - my spelling is obviously rubbish!

As is my geography - it's Barnet, not Brent! I only lived in the area for 24 years

silverorange Tue 12-Nov-13 22:53:37

Many thanks ohfourfaxache. Will take a look. Have family in London so could ask for help.

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