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Cakes that freeze well for bake sale next week?

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Laquila Fri 28-Jun-13 13:24:35

Thanks jellycat - actually that's a good idea, I have some overripe bananas and a good recipe (smittenkitchen) for banana bread. Not sure whether it's less faff to do fairy cakes or a vanilla sponge sheet cake, iced and then cut into squares. I think maybe kids are more likely to buy fairy cakes, especially if they have sprinkles on them...

jellycat Fri 28-Jun-13 13:18:26

Yes you can freeze muffins and fairly cakes, the latter un-iced, then ice them when you've defrosted them. IME most plainish cakes fresze well. I wouldn't try anything with fresh fruit though (apart from banana and walnut loaf which does freeze well).

Laquila Fri 28-Jun-13 13:14:04

I'm making some cakes for a festival in our village next weekend, and am looking for simple (fairly cheap!) recipes that I bake now and freeze, and defrost the night before the festival.

I know a couple of other people have done chocolate cake, so I thought I might do a couple of fruited teabread loaves (to serve with or without butter) but not sure what else. I have a lovely lemon yoghurt cake recipe that comes out like a lemon drizzle, which I think will probably freeze well, but any other suggestions welcome!

N.B. some of them will be sold in portions (so loaf cakes are often better as easier to slice) and some will be sold as whole cakes. Muffins/fairy cakes also good for the kids although I don't think I've ever tried to freeze these before - can it be done?!

Many thanks

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