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Not my best effort but my five year old friend loved it

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Thank you smile

I made rice crispy treats and then coated them with first melted white chocolate to make them stiff and solid and then fondant to decorate. I also embedded bamboo skewers in the side (with melted chocolate) to fix them to the cake. They sliced up and some of the kids had those instead of cake.

Wow that is great - it is exactly the sort of thing my DD wants for next weekend and I'm just planning how to do it. What did you use for the towers - I'm thinking of swiss rolls (will make the main part of the cake but buy these) with ice cream cones on the top but not entirely sure if this will work!

About 3/4 of the way through I wanted to bin it. Serious case of ugly and then my piping bag kept clogging until I was ready to scream.

She asked for a tie dye castle cake with four turrets, vines and butterflies. There were butterflies on top of the cake.

Here is one of the layers after baking. The colours were much brighter inside

Need to find a picture of the butterflies..

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