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Turning muffins into mini?

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jaynebxl Fri 08-Feb-13 07:07:39

Sorry if you have already worked this out for yourself. I regularly use normal muffin recipes to make mini muffins. I think you definitely need a mini tray otherwise the muffin cases lose their shape with the weight of the mix. I cook at the same temp but for less time.

I have the Pampered Chef mini muffin tray and the wooden dinner thing which I love.

Hiya, I'm a total novice baker and I have a chocolate muffin recipe I would like to try but I would like to make mini ones.
Do I need to change the temperature of the oven and how much should I shorten the cooking time by?
Also, I don't have a mini muffin baking tray. Will the cases hold themselves or should I just give up and make the large size?

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