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Facebook and twitter plug in for word press

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heathibiza Wed 09-Jan-13 09:08:47

Hi all
I am really struggling to find a word press plug in that will give me like and follow(not tweet) buttons on my word press site. I have tried loads but they are either really difficult to set up(I'm not amazing tech wise),mainly I can't find where to put the link in set up to my page/twitter name or they aren't compatible with the latest version of wp. I have found an FB easy to set up one but can't find a twitter follow one even by the same developer, just a retweet one. Would love an all in one.
I also want to be able to customise the buttons position. Any link to a good one would be appreciated
Site is so it's not a word press blog on word press if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance

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