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How to create archives/sub-heading s in blogger - help please!

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JerryLeadbetter Wed 28-Nov-12 13:51:11

I am pretty new to blogging, and am currently hosting my blog via Blogger.

I have done ok so far with getting to grips with layouts etc, but I am really struggling when it comes to creating sub-categories in my blog i.e separate headings at the top or the side for recipes, crafts, family life, fashion etc.

I think being able to archive previous posts within the sub-headings will make my blog much more user-friendly, and then readers can browse just recipes if they want, or crafts, as opposed to having to wade through previous different posts on the main feed to find something.

Am I making sense?

Can anyone here please hold my hand and talk me through how to do this on Blogger? Anything I find through googling seems very confusing and there must be an easier way!


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