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crochet cushion covers - what cushion pads?!

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Kveta Fri 06-Sep-13 14:37:31

I have 9 multicoloured 5 inch granny squares and have run out of yarn, so plan to make a cushion cover from them - but how do you do it without a sewing machine? I've seen fleece covers, but where do you get cushion pads from? (I am so stunningly uncrafty it scares me at times...)

I guess it will end up being 15x15 inches (or 38 by 38 cm roughly), is ebay my best bet for cushions?

thanks smile

try dunelm mill or wilkos
may be cheaper to buy a cheap cushion and put your own cover on it. add a border around your squares if it's not big enough

ZingDollyChops Thu 17-Oct-13 09:28:08

I second wilkos. £1.50 per "pillow" and they are a good size and quality

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