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Sewing machine stopped

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HellesBellesThinksSometimes Wed 14-Aug-13 16:40:59

Almost at the end of a line of stitching and I can't get it moving now. Any thoughts on why or on how to get it moving again please?

UnitedZingDom Wed 14-Aug-13 19:15:33

clean bobbin case - lint build up is the very likely culprit

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Wed 14-Aug-13 19:27:04

Thanks UnitedZingDom I did a full maintenance when it stopped - all cleaned and oiled. There was some lint but the machine hasn't started working again. Also changed needle, thread and fabric. No joy.

UnitedZingDom Wed 14-Aug-13 19:39:18

has the thread popped out of it's "route?

UnitedZingDom Wed 14-Aug-13 19:39:33

call me Zing!wink

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Wed 14-Aug-13 20:13:33

Thanks * Zing*, not that I could see, threading seemed as usual. It also doesn't work on the bobbin- winder. I was hoping it might have shut down because it was overheated but it's still not working.

I don't understand it, I had adjusted the tension and stitch-length and changed to a 14 needle because I was using a slightly heavier fabric and it was sewing with ease.

Hoping it's not the motor....

UnitedZingDom Wed 14-Aug-13 20:39:29

if you are in UK I can pm you the number of my sewing machine repair man

also I have a trouble shooting guide - but I'm busy now.

I'll get back to you tomorrow. "sew" annoying!wink

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Wed 14-Aug-13 20:42:12

Brill, thanks. Hand stitching now - bleurgh...

UnitedZingDom Wed 14-Aug-13 23:40:34

what are you making anyway?

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Thu 15-Aug-13 00:00:46

I had an hour and a metre of fabric so I thought I would make a folder to hold patterns in.

UnitedZingDom Thu 15-Aug-13 10:40:25

I sent you a pm with number

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Thu 15-Aug-13 14:59:35

Hi Zing I phoned a local guy recommended on facebook and he says it sounds like the motor. Going to drop it into him tomorrow for a looksee but researching new machines just in case. Bearing in mind the boy needs new school uniform and shoes, I'm researching cheap new machines !!

UnitedZingDom Thu 15-Aug-13 21:50:55

only buy one that's been serviced and is working!

sewing machine repair shops are the best, they do up used once and you can get a good bargain.

I hope it won't cost you too much

fancy some cake ?

ozymandiusking Thu 15-Aug-13 21:53:00

Have you checked the fuse, has the light gone out as well?

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Thu 15-Aug-13 22:12:15

Zing always! I've seen a couple of new sewing machines in the sale at my local sewing machine shop. There's a toyota reduced to £99 that reads well. Taking mine to the fella tomorrow on the off-chance he can fix it cheaper than that.

Hi ozy the light still works. The bobbin winder doesn't. The repair guy seems pretty certain it's the motor though he needs a look to be sure.

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 14:57:41

any news?

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Fri 16-Aug-13 16:36:15

Hi Zing he'll ring me once he's opened it up though I think he was preparing me for bad news... or, possibly, I want him not to be able to fix it so I can get the toyota smile

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 16:36:40

Helles grin

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Sun 18-Aug-13 13:06:56

Still no news but I gave my thread box a good tidy and have started planning my next project : a laptop bag.

ZingWantsCake Sun 18-Aug-13 23:37:38

that's a good idea! I love tidying and organizing my "supplies", it gets me in the mood to start or finish projects.
do update when you know what happened! wink

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Tue 20-Aug-13 12:07:47

It's dead. The motor has burned out and there are no replacement parts available for my little cheapy.

ZingWantsCake Tue 20-Aug-13 13:12:42

damn it!

but that's what you secretly wanted though, isn't it? grin

are you buying tge Toyota one?

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Tue 20-Aug-13 16:11:59

Yup smile just waiting for payday next week

blue2 Thu 29-Aug-13 18:35:45

Are you a member of Costco? They have some machines for sale in there - a lovely looking Singer that's computerised...

ZingWantsCake Fri 30-Aug-13 08:58:18

so have you bought one yet?
I'm getting my Singer (made in 1917) serviced in a few weeks.

It's still in good working condit condition, I've actually sewn a few lines with it, but it needs a good clean and oiling up and a new belt.
(sounds like a Gok Wan makeover! grin )

it's a proper treadle one and I'm so excited to use it!
There's no reverse function and can only sew straight lines - so compared to modern machines it's ridiculously simple, but when I think how much easier life became for the woman who first used it I get misty!smile

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