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Am I being unreasonable?

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MNHQ calling: Giving Week (our recent match-funding drive) - your thoughts please! 80 BIWI 31/07/14 08:20
Untitled 43 solo 18/04/08 22:13
To think that I can ever spend just five minute on mumsnet? 6 PosieParker 18/04/08 22:09
To not want black jelly babies in my pack? 64 chipmonkey 18/04/08 22:05
To resent that my DPS attempts at running a business are destroying our family 65 tigermoth 18/04/08 21:26
to not want to be made to feel bad about baby's weight 56 snickersnack 18/04/08 21:24
to find it really irritating when people on here end there sentences with, no? 56 scottishmummy 18/04/08 20:19
Mumsnet jury needed on this one please...sorry bit long! 27 yurt1 18/04/08 20:02
to be really cross about dp's rash behaviour again? (possibly but need a bit of perspective) 35 CarGirl 18/04/08 20:01
To want DP to take an interest? 2 PosieParker 18/04/08 19:35
to expect dd who has managed to wet herself 6 times today to at least have enough wee to provide a urine sample? 3 Jenkeywoo 18/04/08 17:59
to smile on teh inside when my friend's kids refused her cassoulet 23 hifi 18/04/08 17:47
to expect my DH to leave work after 2 days away from home and help with his poorly children???? 11 BoysAreLikeDogs 18/04/08 17:20
I think I am, but not too sure 8 JODIEhavingababy 18/04/08 15:00
to feel sad at my husband joking on my "squashed egg"?!? 10 supadoula 18/04/08 13:40
I am, I know, I need you to give me a slap 46 talilac 18/04/08 13:39
To think that when people start a thread asking for advice 15 TurkeyLurkey 18/04/08 12:38
to gloat... ive just booked my honeymoon 6 Chequers 18/04/08 11:22
to want to stay in today with dc 16 cory 18/04/08 11:19
to get upset by my mother's well meaning advice? 7 oiFoiF 18/04/08 11:00
to expect my childminder to feed my child 29 narkymum 18/04/08 10:25
in wanting the school holidays to last forever? 11 mamablue 18/04/08 09:21
To be CROSS with husband 2 blondierow 18/04/08 08:30
To think that my child is unlikely to be abducted from a soft play centre 113 ggglmpp 18/04/08 08:21
to think my physio should have examined me? 9 Cappuccino 18/04/08 08:11
To consult my GP because I have had a cough lasting about 5 weeks? 49 darfmummy 17/04/08 23:32
to think that there are a few too many topics on MN now 6 Yurtgirl 17/04/08 21:50
to want everyone to shut the feck up already about a recession as we seem to be talking ourselves into one? 82 Beeper 17/04/08 21:44
To want to scream at DP that his indulgence of his little princess is making a rod for both of our backs... 24 Makingdo 17/04/08 20:59
in not making Dh's packed lunch for him every day? 106 Lyra75 17/04/08 20:49
to think my friend should be here by now? 19 vicky1984 17/04/08 20:40
AIBU to want a highflying career as well as being a Mum? 367 Nooneshome 17/04/08 20:03
because one of 7yo DD's classmates has phoned here about 20 times this week? 15 Sugarmagnolia 17/04/08 19:57
to think other people in the cinema could refrain from rustling their popcorn, crunching sweets, slurping pop, changing seats, explaining the plot to each other etc 17 Milliways 17/04/08 19:56
To think this Couple were being idiotic? 40 sparkybabe 17/04/08 19:37
to be annoyed at sexist marketing on baby monitor 12 Pablop 17/04/08 19:33
In feeling fed-up in having to always be me who looks after my ds's in the holidays and if they are ill???????? 12 Jazzicatz 17/04/08 18:50
Because my MIL is really, really doing my head in??? (Soz but really need to vent)! 50 Dropdeadfred 17/04/08 18:14
for being annoyed with my housemate for borrowing money out of our joint account? 15 MrsTittleMouse 17/04/08 18:11
To wonder why everyone else on benefits appears to be living the high life... 108 twinsetandpearls 17/04/08 15:37
To get narked about important looking mail 4 PrimulaVeris 17/04/08 14:35
To Lie.... 34 WorzselMummage 17/04/08 13:44
to want my DH to... 4 gingernutlover 17/04/08 13:15
to be shocked my friend leaves her dcs - even briefly - home alone? 84 MsPontipine 17/04/08 13:05
To expect parents to discourage their rude offspring? 117 Angel2008 17/04/08 12:42
To keep wondering why there's a chicken topic but no music topic? 27 pagwatch 17/04/08 12:28
to think that the BBC weather forecast on their website is completely cr*p? 12 Iota 17/04/08 11:47
to not want to deal with my husbands "oh poor me" behaviour? 55 ten10 17/04/08 11:05
i hate it when people ask for advise, you give it but they say it wont work because precious dc dont like being told what to do 9 TotalChaos 17/04/08 10:07
to want my next dc to be a bit like me? 11 soopermum1 17/04/08 09:54
AIBU to be getting p**d off with all the 'wanted' emails from freecycle 14 Chequers 17/04/08 09:03
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