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Am I being unreasonable?

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to find think this is an odd way to do a funeral 27 2shoes 12/06/08 15:21
AIBU to think that if my friend is earning £70K + her husband should NOT be claiming incapacity benefits? 29 fiodyl 12/06/08 14:12
to not want to fly around the world to visit my outlaws? 104 Anna8888 12/06/08 12:37
to think that this is a tad insensitive 33 poorbuthappy 12/06/08 12:35
to be furious with dh and to feel let down? 53 girlywhirly 12/06/08 11:36
to go cruising the mean streets of hippyville 2 Bumdiddley 12/06/08 11:19
to buy this Honda Civic? 13 poorbuthappy 12/06/08 10:55
to be upset as I only have 3 cards? 14 hayley2u 12/06/08 10:25
to want it all my way and to want it now??!! 12 UnquietDad 12/06/08 09:40
to not want to have to think up every birthday/christmas present ever 6 Sugarmagnolia 12/06/08 08:48
I don't know what to do now 8 lulumama 12/06/08 07:23
to think dh could have told me he will be too ill to look after kids tom am at some time before 11.30pm?? 5 anorak 12/06/08 01:21
to tell off two children aged 7 and 10 37 kama 12/06/08 01:12
To want to crawl into a hole today when, at the soft play centre,........... 75 TrinityRhino 11/06/08 23:12
AIBU for having the hump with my mum...... 55 sdjones2 11/06/08 23:05
at being annoyed at dh going on at me about how much driving we do, and how much he is spending on petrol? 7 PeaGreene 11/06/08 22:54
To think "smashing" is a thoroughly underused word these days? 174 MadBadandDan… 11/06/08 22:11
My DP wants to bring his friends on holiday with us 19 hayley2u 11/06/08 21:21
AIBU to let 7 year old ds pull a sickie on schools sports day? 91 LissyD 11/06/08 21:07
in thinking that breakfast clubs are for working parents 180 ReallyTired 11/06/08 20:42
To think that children and quad bikes don't mix. 8 purpleduck 11/06/08 20:41
To think that Sports Day is just an excuse for "who's got the best camera"? 5 Hulababy 11/06/08 20:21
Knowing that my adopted brother is meeting up with my biological sister whom I've never even met? 17 knockedgymnast 11/06/08 20:17
To be concerned about how we live because....... 5 sticktoit 11/06/08 20:16
to be annoyed that a police helicopter chose to circle our area for 20 minutes at 3am???? 36 biscuitsmust… 11/06/08 20:13
my husband is depressed and wont have sex with me 29 lucyellensmum 11/06/08 19:58
to feel a flash or irritation everytime I read "LET DH DO IT" on her? I always imagine its said in a shrieky way as well 31 Crunchie 11/06/08 19:36
Not to be falling over myself to say congratulation on the expected baby 55 EddiBritt 11/06/08 18:11
to be fed up that tv and radio has been taken over by the bloody football? 12 PortBlacksan… 11/06/08 17:48
to be (mildly) annoyed that my MIL left a message on my answerphone in a language I don't understand and dh only just does 26 PollyLogos 11/06/08 17:03
to have got myself into a total flap because .... 12 Flibbertyjibbet 11/06/08 16:35
To want this incompetent idiot fired? 8 Kewcumber 11/06/08 15:43
Was i unreasonable to boot this evil old bid out of my way this morning? 27 milliec 11/06/08 15:02 ask my 10,9 & 8 yr old to contribute to their Dad's Father's Day pressie? 13 RubyRioja 11/06/08 14:21
to think that starting work on local development before 8am is a bit much??? 15 sweetie66 11/06/08 13:18
To want to stick up pictures drawn by my ds around the house? 18 barnstaple 11/06/08 12:07
To think children don't need a bloody tan! 64 madmuggle 11/06/08 02:11
in thinking that Radio 1 should NOT be playing songs that contain lyrics about shooting and gun noises? 21 bigfatuglybitch 10/06/08 23:56
please can someone tell me who's being weird here! 90 bandgeek 10/06/08 23:16
To ask our next door neighbour..... 6 kitchendevil 10/06/08 22:59
... to be peeved at the AMOUNT of "please sponsor me" emails bombarding my Inbox? 18 ChukkyPig 10/06/08 22:29
to be annoyed that ex has not asked how DS is when I txt him telling him I was off to DR 1 mistressmiggins 10/06/08 22:20
to think I should keep a shedload of footballs in the house to chuck at the cheeky f'in cat that 15 whatdayisit 10/06/08 22:10 want to tell my mother next time she moans about cucumber and raw onion not agreeing with her... 9 colander 10/06/08 21:52
to ram squeaky toy down the neighbours dogs throat.... 2 bethoo 10/06/08 21:48
To this person is a jackass? 17 cheekymonk 10/06/08 20:58
AIBU to be getting pi**ed off at having to mow neighbours grass? 5 SantaBarbara 10/06/08 20:57
to expect the estate agents selling our flat to.... 10 tyaca 10/06/08 20:55
to hate my colleagues who've kept their jobs while I've been shafted? 18 madamez 10/06/08 20:39
To have bought 2 M and S Lemon drizzle cakes because they were half price ? 11 mousemole 10/06/08 20:38
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