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Am I being unreasonable?

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to think Indiana Jones is a highly unsuitable film.. 79 onebatmother 26/03/08 22:36
To think that children of 14 are too young to be studying philosophy? 99 geek3 26/03/08 22:28
to want to re-name our house Squirrels Leap? 101 Monkeybird 26/03/08 22:09
To think this buggy is a little over priced?????? 53 Shhhh 26/03/08 21:15
i probably am as no full details but need a rant about school 18 cory 26/03/08 21:06
When MIL says "why can't you cope,you only have 2,what if you had 4?" 33 CaptainUnderpants 26/03/08 20:51
My XP wants to move DS to a different nursery..I don't want him to. AIBU? 33 Janos 26/03/08 20:29
to be a bit irritated with SIL 17 alicet 26/03/08 20:16
Is this mum completely taking the piss 51 cupsoftea 26/03/08 20:13
To feel a little sad that my PFB has to wear glasses (OK, OK, I know I am but waaah!) 37 Kitti 26/03/08 19:55
to be rather bemused the nursery had senco in to check our DS... 15 Kitti 26/03/08 19:48
To have been upset about this? 11 CristinaTheA… 26/03/08 19:42
to think my bf shouldn't have dumped me for sending his Mum a letter 84 TheArmadillo 26/03/08 19:23
to think you shouldn't phone a family with three small children between six and say 7.30 pm? 106 lucyellensmum 26/03/08 19:07
to want to stab the pair of them 4 lucyellensmum 26/03/08 18:19
In being relieved that I dont have to worry about where my tax from my salary goes - AS I DONT EARN ENOUGH TO BE TAXED ! 82 policywonk 26/03/08 17:33
to want a little more help? 7 lucyellensmum 26/03/08 17:22
to cancel my wedding in July 84 arthursmum 26/03/08 17:15
To be annoyed DD didn't get a place on her school trip? 29 bluefox 26/03/08 16:50
to be p***ed off with sex ads... 3 cocolepew 26/03/08 16:43
to be so annoyed by dh's inconsiderate selfish sister. Soem partial advice needed please! 72 AprilMeadow 26/03/08 16:37
to be pissed off with dh for writing the/his car off? 4 hecate 26/03/08 16:16
to think it is a joke that banks try to lend you money when you have no way of paying it back 11 theBOD 26/03/08 15:54
to consider going home sick with a headache? 6 Chequers 26/03/08 14:09
Don't think I am but happy to be told otherwise 29 thritbies 26/03/08 13:27
to want more emoticons? 6 NomDePlume 26/03/08 13:02
AIBU to kidnap the descos delivery man, and pretend he is my husband? 15 ChickenSoupDragon 26/03/08 12:31
To feel that, at 4 dd is too young to be expected to be completely responsible for her things? 13 ElectraBunny 26/03/08 11:16
About my DP and going to work (i honestly dont know!) 17 Julezboo 26/03/08 10:43
to expect BT to get my phone sorted out??? 3 rubles 26/03/08 10:01
To want my DH to buggar off back to work 4 kbaby 26/03/08 08:51
To expect my 3 year old to stay in his room until the bunny clock wakes up? 82 nappyaddict 26/03/08 02:13
To not want to go on a day out with my 4 sisters? 11 WallOfSilence 25/03/08 23:32
to be a bit freaked out by neighbours text message?? 16 Awen 25/03/08 22:29
to be absolutely furious and heart broken 27 myhearthasbroken 25/03/08 22:23
to not want dd2 to come home from nursery with 4th bite mark on her hand 32 alicet 25/03/08 21:18
To want to complain to the water company???? 2 LieselBollyKnickers 25/03/08 20:56
To really object to radio ads? 25 SueBaroo 25/03/08 20:53
Girl's birth fails to wake father.............. . 5 FAQ 25/03/08 20:23
To expect the ENT NOT to put the instrument he is examining my son's ears with down on a yellow hazardous waste bin and then pick it up and put it in his ear again? 15 chipmonkey 25/03/08 20:22
to object to a coughing chicken-poxed child approaching my new baby...?!?! 16 poodlepusher 25/03/08 19:01
Normally when someone posts here, they have rough idea about whether they are or not, but I've genuinely not a clue.... 34 lissielou 25/03/08 17:54
To be hacked off by Tradespeople who arrive unannounced? 11 lucyellensmum 25/03/08 17:46
To be pissed off with my sister for the millionth time this year. 31 wilbur 25/03/08 17:06
to be getting more than slightly irritated and a little worried that DP isnt back yet. 63 Youcannotbeserious 25/03/08 16:05
to be effing FURIOUS that YET AGAIN some (*&&% has dumped their binbags into my wheelie bin, filling it so I can't get my rubbish in? 41 expatinscotland 25/03/08 15:54
to think about getting a duck from the park for tea? 36 BeauLocks 25/03/08 15:47
Solve this one for me MNs- some hussy trying to nick my fella. 60 harleyd 25/03/08 15:22
to be concerned that a glass mosaic mirror that Ive bought for a tenner from Ikea might bring bad luck. 51 kizzie 25/03/08 15:00
to think the council should make us, live in this small 3 bedroomed semi. 59 Oliveoil 25/03/08 13:37
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