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My DCs school playground is a joyless, soul sucking void of fun

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Pantone363 Fri 13-Jun-14 00:06:24

Spin off from the tree climbing thread and posters saying DC could climb trees at school....I was wondering if we could get a general consensus of 'normal' school playground rules. Ours:

No marbles (someone might choke or slip on them, from the heads own mouth)
No climbing trees
No skipping ropes
No bulldog type games
New rule: no loom bands on school property
No running in the playground only on the field when it's dry

Seperate from this is my favorite rule of no hot packed lunches. So no soup in a flask etc. reasoning being that the kids will mess around with it/burn themselves

GoblinLittleOwl Fri 13-Jun-14 00:13:44

The reason for this is the fear of parental complaints every time a child receives an injury, however slight; you have only to read the posts on here to realize how over-protective some parents are.

BackforGood Fri 13-Jun-14 00:26:07

Agree with Goblin - sadly there are just FAR to many parents who don't accept that sometimes a bad/sad thing happens when you get a lot of children playing (or eating together) so schools have to be seen to be mitigating that risk.

aintnothinbutagstring Fri 13-Jun-14 00:29:00

My dd’s school has an adventure playground, if you walk past at playtime you can see them dangling upside down by the legs off the climbing frame. I'm not sure about rules, not many I don't think! School playgrounds look far more exciting than when I was young.

Idontseeanyicegiants Fri 13-Jun-14 00:43:23

Yeesh how boring!
Ours allows:
Bulldog/red rover but only in the junior yard
Skipping ropes and hula hoops
All ball games
Loom bands within reason. They can wear 2 bracelets or whatever and bring the stuff in if it's in a named box.
They have some climbing frames as well.
They don't allow:
And they don't like hot pack lunches but do allow them in winter.
Why don't people allow children to just be children and play?

Nocomet Fri 13-Jun-14 00:45:28

No running in the play ground is stupid. What are playgrounds for?

No skipping ropes is mean.

Schools always get fed up of the latest craze especially if it's fun.

Marbles are a source of trouble, DC play for keeps, then say they didn't and generally argue (at least we did).

Clearly DCs can't climb trees, that's fun! Our HT had a running war in summer with DCs escaping up the trees at the front of school while their mums' chattered.

To be fair the trees were young and not really up to Y6 climbing them and the HT had to scribe for DD2's Y2 SATs as she'd broken her arm in a tree related incident. (Not at school, fortunately. Nor did it put her off climbing trees).

ikeaismylocal Fri 13-Jun-14 06:07:57

No running in the playground?! What a daft rule!

Lumineer Fri 13-Jun-14 06:11:30

What can you do in a playground if not run or skip?

Lumineer Fri 13-Jun-14 06:12:06

Are they allowed balls? Do they all just play catch in a sedate manner?

CecyHall Fri 13-Jun-14 06:12:36

No running is crazy!!

We were told the British Bulldog was illegal when I was young at school and we all just believed it no questions asked, I'm assuming that was a lie and the government had better things to do than outlawing a game!

ikeaismylocal Fri 13-Jun-14 06:15:11

I can imagine the children from that school all becoming world class walkers, because of all the time spent shuffling around the playground as fast as they can without ever fully taking one foot of the ground.

Anyone for a game of walking tag, or walking football?

17leftfeet Fri 13-Jun-14 06:15:57

Ours skip, play rugby, have hula hoops and bean bags

It's a very busy playground!

No loom bands though as they break the jewellery policy and also the children argue endlessly about them

No hot food in packed lunches as they eat sat on benches with their boxes on their knees with no tables so they don't want them juggling soup

trinity0097 Fri 13-Jun-14 06:25:13

Ours don't climb trees when in the woods. But can drag branches about, build dens etc... They do all this out of sight of an adult, but there is an adult for them to go to.

In the playground nothing really banned other than hiding in the bushes at the far side that make half the kids come out in a rash!

Hakluyt Fri 13-Jun-14 06:25:24

No running is daft, unless it is a very small crowded playground.

All the others are perfectly sensible. As anyone who has spent any time in a primary school playground as an adult will, I am sure, agree!

PrueDent Fri 13-Jun-14 06:31:34

Ours doesn't allow hot liquids in packed lunches, which I think is fair enough.

There are no trees to climb in the playground.

Skipping ropes, hula hoops, balance bikes etc provided by the school.

Loom bands are allowed (for now) but not during PE lessons.

Marbles, I agree, are unsuitable for school.

enderwoman Fri 13-Jun-14 06:39:01

Ours say no toys (so no marbles) but they provide hoops and skipping ropes for playing with.
Football is on a rota( different year per break) but other than that really normal.
They were allowed to build snowmen when it snowed.

I'm gobsmacked at the no running rule. Ours only ban it indoors which is fine IMO.

annebullin Fri 13-Jun-14 06:39:02

No marbles - understandable for the reasons stated
No climbing trees - obviously
No skipping ropes - mean
No bulldog type games - lots of children find bulldog terrifying but if there's enough space then it can work
New rule: no loom bands on school property -mean
No running in the playground only on the field when it's dry -ridiculous

Pantone363 Fri 13-Jun-14 06:40:53

No balls! One football is provided to the class on rota that day for football on the field.

They have a trim trail but that's also on a class rota. And a slide and some big tyres. So they do have equipment.

annebullin Fri 13-Jun-14 06:43:02

what's a trim trail?

It all sounds very controlling!

Pantone363 Fri 13-Jun-14 06:43:06

I think the running thing is because there are children who don't like the boys running around etc so playground for walking and running on the field. But only when it's dry!

annebullin Fri 13-Jun-14 06:43:53

So what happens to kids who run on the playground?

Pantone363 Fri 13-Jun-14 06:44:32

It's wooden play equipment set out in a trail. But it gets slippery when wet, so out of bounds if it's been raining!

Pantone363 Fri 13-Jun-14 06:46:37

They get the whistle and stop running presumably?! I've never really thought to ask DC!

Can't believese of you have bikes!

Hakluyt Fri 13-Jun-14 06:47:12

The loom bands thing isn't ridiculous when you think of it in terms of litter and just general hassle over brining that sort of stuff to school.

I am personally irrationally irritated by people wanting their child to have hot packed lunches- it just seems daft. The potential for spills and mess is huge.

annebullin Fri 13-Jun-14 06:48:02

Do the children do a lot of P.E to compensate for being made to move at a set pace around the playground!

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