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Where on earth do I start looking for something when I don't know when/where I lost it?

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2kidsintow Sat 07-Jun-14 23:41:30

I was in town this week when I realised that my wedding ring wasn't on my finger. I often wear it for months on end, then at other times (if I've taken them off to do some baking or something) then I will go without wearing it for a while.

Sometimes I fiddle with it without thinking. It was only when I went to do this that I realised that it wasn't on my finger.

I have no idea where to look. And DH (who isn't cross, but is trying to be helpful) is driving me bonkers with questions trying to help me narrow it down to when I last was wearing it or what I could have done with it.

Bogeyface Sat 07-Jun-14 23:48:37

Think logically.

Have you lost weight or is it a bit big so it could have fallen off? If yes then sadly you may have to accept it has gone, but keep an eye out for it when hoovering, tidying etc.

If no, then chances are you took it off and just cant remember where you put it. If thats the case they your search field is narrowed to your house. It will be there somewhere. So then think why would have taken it off? Baking, so check the kitchen or bathroom. Put on handcream? Bathroom and bedroom. Cleaning with something that damage it, kitchen, bathroom again. Or it could get damaged by say gardening, DIY...where would you be most likely to take it off if that where the case?

If you took it off you will have put it somewhere safe, so it will turn up. Have you asked the kids if they have nicked seen it? Our long lost Sky remote that we paid £20 to replace was "in space" according to DD, which meant that yes she had had it but couldnt remember what she had done with it. Turned up in her Happyland "Lady who live in a shoe" doll house! grin

wafflyversatile Sat 07-Jun-14 23:48:56

you say you were in town when you 'realised'. If you go long periods without wearing it then this suggests this was unexpected and maybe you had been wearing it very recently rather than hadn't been wearing it for a month. Does it slip on and off very easily? Could it have worked off while you were carrying shopping bags in town for instance?

Firstly I think a quick call to local police/lost property at shopping centre? That could eliminate the chance of it being lost there, or at least the chance of getting back through that route if you did lose it there.

Then a methodical search of the house, starting with the usual places you take it off. Window sill by kitchen sink maybe. Then room by room.

Then maybe other places you have visited in reverse chronological order. Call and ask if anyone has handed it in.

Bogeyface Sat 07-Jun-14 23:50:28

I lost my engagement ring once and found it in my jeans that I was hanging on the line. I had taken it off to do ...... something, probably moving furniture as I lost its diamond that way once before, and shoved it in my jeans pocket and promptly forgot about it!

Bogeyface Sat 07-Jun-14 23:52:50

Oh and even though you will say "But I have already looked there!" to any suggestions, look again.

You are far more likely to find something in a place you have already looked when you look again because the first time you do a cursory look and "oh its not there". The second time you look properly. I went through my handbag several times to find my keys once, I was convinced they werent there. H went through it, while I was there, and yes, they were in it!

sashh Sun 08-Jun-14 02:11:32

Oh and even though you will say "But I have already looked there!" to any suggestions, look again.

And get DH to look too. Sometimes things hide from us but when another person looks in the same place it turns up.

And look in places you have not been. An ex housemate lost his glasses for weeks and they turned up in the fridge. Check the fridge.

ilovemydoggy Sun 08-Jun-14 02:33:32

I lost my engagement ring for months, truly thought I would never see it again and then it turn up in the washing machine! God knows how it got there cause when I took it off it was in an argument with Dh and I threw it.

Monty27 Sun 08-Jun-14 02:37:14

Jeans, coats cardigans, handbags, under the bed, chests of drawers......

Oh that's horrible. Pray to St Anthony grin

Monty27 Sun 08-Jun-14 02:38:01

Sorry I wasn't grinning about your loss, it was about praying blush

xihha Sun 08-Jun-14 02:39:39

mine always seems to turn up under things on a window sill or behind the freezer. No idea why but most things end up behind the freezer.

OutragedFromLeeds Sun 08-Jun-14 02:40:51

I think your DH is right, you have to try and think back. Try and remember the last time you are certain you had it on. Then you have a timeframe. If it can't have fallen off, think of reasons you might have taken it off during that time frame. Work from there. Start in the most likely places. If you've got little kids check the toybox etc. If you've got a dog check the garden/dog basket. If you've got a magpie, check it's nest.

MammaTJ Sun 08-Jun-14 02:43:21

This has made me think of the daft thing my DM always said 'You will find it in the last place you look'!

Well obviously, you don't carry on looking after it has been found!

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 08-Jun-14 02:43:47

YY to St. Anthony. He found my engagement ring. I'm not even Catholic. (Thanks St. Anthony!)

Monty27 Sun 08-Jun-14 02:48:46

Lol at Mamma and And. Mamma, as long as your dm didn't say, 'well it's where you left it' grrr grin or that other one when you say to someone you've lost something and wonder where it it, and they retort with if you lose a tortoise where do you find it? You look at them confused and they say where you left it Grrrrrrr.

But as Out says Dh is just being practical.

I HATE losing things, can you tell.

LivinLaVidaLocal Sun 08-Jun-14 03:07:59

Look behind your bedside table in case it's fallen off it or off your hand while you've been in bed.

I once found a necklace at the point where the carpet meets the wall, that was strange.

All around your sinks.

Down the sides of your sofa.

Good luck!!

Try gloves. Dm lost her wedding ring for 4 years once - found it in a paid of forgotten gloves in a drawer. smile

LivinLaVidaLocal Sun 08-Jun-14 05:43:05

CatThief! How was the party?!

Optimist1 Sun 08-Jun-14 05:58:33

When my ring disappears I almost always find it in my handbag. If I have to rummage in there for something it can slip off my finger and I don't notice it's gone for a little while. Good luck with the search - I hate the nagging, sick feeling when something has gone missing.

FruVikingessOla Sun 08-Jun-14 07:17:45

You mentioned baking - check in your cookery book/s.

A MNer lost her engagement ring (?) a while back and she eventually found it inside the cookery book she'd been using.

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