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Hen do - Mr & Mrs questions

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CheshireSplat Sat 07-Jun-14 16:39:02


Being a little lazy, but helping to organise a hen do and we're doing a traditional Mr and Mrs quiz where the hen has to guess what her fiancé answered (rather than the correct answer). Has anyone got any cracking questions? Thank you!

Mull Sat 07-Jun-14 16:42:42

One of mine was "what one word would he use to describe himself"? I got it wrong, he said "legend" hmm grin

CheshireSplat Sat 07-Jun-14 16:45:15

Thanks Mull, love it. My poor SIL was really poorly on her hen do as my BIL answered them all wrong deliberately as he knew there were drinks as forfeits.

MyBedMakesItself Sat 07-Jun-14 17:14:06

I was asked " what colour underwear is your DH wearing?" The answer was "he's not wearing any" grin

Lilaclily Sat 07-Jun-14 17:17:33

What is his favourite pet name for you ?

Splashyhands Sat 07-Jun-14 17:18:53

The only 2 questions I can remember were 1),was asked what month we got together (he got it wrong so I had to do a shot), 2) what's his favourite sex position (I got that wrong blush ). This was in front of mil and SIL shock but thankfully they found it very funny. I was told at the beginning I would be drinking the 3 shots regardless when I protested about question 1.

Lilaclily Sat 07-Jun-14 17:20:10

Google came up with these

if your partner were a superhero, who would your partner be?
if your partner could be a wild animal, what would your partner be?
*What would your partner grab in a fire?
Marmite. Does your partner love or hate it?
Who would fetch most at auction?
What is you partner’s worst habit?
Would you partner prefer to wade through cold custard or shower in cold baked beans
Which teacher did your partner fancy at?
What was your partner’s most embarrassing moment?*

Lilaclily Sat 07-Jun-14 17:21:33

What's his favourite cocktail ?
Where's his favourite holiday destination ?

Leeds2 Sat 07-Jun-14 17:28:07

What was the name of his first pet?

CheshireSplat Sat 07-Jun-14 17:36:49

Great, thanks everyone!

Spottybra Sat 07-Jun-14 17:41:52

We've had;
Favourite colour/number/animal/item of clothing/sports/swear word/cake flavour/dessert/ice cream flavour/sexual position/ideal size for a tv (I'm constantly surprised because no couple I know agree on this) what his favourite gadget and app are for/packed lunch vs bought lunch/roses or wine (if you had to choose)

Have fun.

Elledouble Sat 07-Jun-14 17:57:50

We had similar questions to the above but we secretly got the groom to record messages for the bride as a kind or prize - one saying "well done, you passed!" and another saying "you failed, you're going to be a terrible wife!" which the bride found hilarious when I played them to her on my iPad. Obviously depends on her sense of humour though!

CheshireSplat Sat 07-Jun-14 21:04:39

Elle, thanks that's a great idea! We were going to record him saying the correct answer but your idea is better - I'm thinking he could announce the forfeits!

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