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Can you reccomend a highchair

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DearGirl Sat 07-Jun-14 10:51:48

I am currently working with a 6 month old baby and think it's time to purchase a proper high chair for her.

I know the Tripp Trapp is good and that the Antilop at Ikea is also reccomended but any other choices. Ideally she'll sit at the table with us - rather than in a separate high chair and we want something that will grow with her.

ShoeWhore Sat 07-Jun-14 10:52:52

The Antilop is brilliant.

EasterSundaySimmons Sat 07-Jun-14 10:53:20

Ikea antilop without a doubt.

EasterSundaySimmons Sat 07-Jun-14 10:55:28
Neverknowingly Sat 07-Jun-14 10:56:14

We wasted about £160 on an a Svan and it still grieves me now. I researched to death - same considerations as you about flexibility, growing with him etc.

DS used it for about 3 months before I got totally fed up with how fiddly it was to clean how crud encrusted little nooks and crannies got, how the wood did not really clean all that well and how much room the base took up. Fortunately we then went on holiday and the hotel had the Ikea chairs which were fab. So easy to clean, practical with the removable tray so we bought two of those - one for the kitchen with a little tray and one without which is at the dining table. Still in use for DD and will be used again with DD3 due in 2 months. I cannot rate these highly enough and wish I had not done the silly PFB thing of wasting SOOOOO much money on a HIGH CHAIR!

FinallyMrsFC Sat 07-Jun-14 10:58:32

And the Antilop goes in the dishwasher!

CMOTDibbler Sat 07-Jun-14 10:58:40

Antilop. So easy to clean, and can be right at the table

DearGirl Sat 07-Jun-14 11:01:56

Looks like a possible trip to IKEA this week smile

ThisBitchIsResting Sat 07-Jun-14 11:15:47

Antilop Antilop Antilop!

The tray is also removable so DS (2) now sits right at the table with us. It is so so practical and the fact the legs just pop out make it easy to take to eg grandparents too. Other high chairs just look ott and hard to clean to me.

ManchesterAunt Sat 07-Jun-14 11:18:34


My boy tries to climb out of the TripTrap

Watto1 Sat 07-Jun-14 12:05:21

Yet another vote for the Antilop. It's so easy to clean (no annoying 'cup holder' for you to pick crumbs out of), easy to pop the legs off for storage/transport, you can have the baby at the table with you if you take the tray off and it's as cheap as chips! What more could you want smile

PetiteBateau Sat 07-Jun-14 12:06:34

Yes, antilop. It's great. I threw a much more expensive one that was completely shite away & bought the antilop

We have a wooden one, all posh and fancy, from boots. It grows with the child, looks nice etc. I think I've adjusted the height once...
We have an antilop at my mums and DS loves being in it. Definitely antilop! It's just so easy!

BikeRunSki Sat 07-Jun-14 12:08:15

Antilop. Best £15 I ever spent.
Fancy pants .M&P highchair with hydraulic height adjustment (which broke quickly) - worst £250 I ever spent.

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