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What are your migraine triggers?

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Morethanalittlebitconfused Thu 05-Jun-14 20:16:42

I want to make sure I've tried everything, any food or chemical elimination possible before I concede defeat that they 'just happen' because the frequency of the attacks is increasing

I've tried eliminating


Anything I've missed? Anyone with any quirky triggers that I've not thought about?

Thanks in advance

RandomMess Thu 05-Jun-14 20:17:39

Mine is tiredness AND cheese

It can just be hormone related I'm afraid!

Crutchlow35 Thu 05-Jun-14 20:18:06

Stress with me.

InkleWinkle Thu 05-Jun-14 20:18:49

Dehydration (see wine!)
Missing meals (doesn't happen often)
Stress & emotional situations (can't do anything to stop those happening)

I've learnt over the years that cheese, chocolate etc make no difference.

Blueuggboots Thu 05-Jun-14 20:19:43

A lot of people find tomatoes can trigger.
Mine is hormones. hmm

InkleWinkle Thu 05-Jun-14 20:19:48

Also can be hormonal so if your heading towards the menopause or something

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 05-Jun-14 20:20:13

Tiredness and hormones but mainly hormones!
I got rid of the pill for that reason but I can't do anything about the rest of them hoping the menopause will help

NickiFury Thu 05-Jun-14 20:20:25

Too much sleep - disturbs rhythms or some such
Low blood sugar
Even just one glass of wine

InkleWinkle Thu 05-Jun-14 20:20:41

you're smile

CeliaFate Thu 05-Jun-14 20:22:11


FML sad

CeliaFate Thu 05-Jun-14 20:22:52

Also - fluorescent lighting!

mimithemindfull Thu 05-Jun-14 20:22:54

Strong smells. Tinned fish. The pill

Ripe bananas and artificial sweeteners are the worst for my mum.

MaureenMLove Thu 05-Jun-14 20:23:55

Mine is at the end of term. Every single end of term. I am very lucky with my health generally, haven't had a day off work in 6 years, but without fail, I always get a migraine when term is done!

It's like my body knows when to relax properly and give in to the stress. I also get one on the first day of my holiday, when I go abroad. Again, the result of me letting go!

Never get them on the first day back from holiday or school though. Too busy! grin

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Thu 05-Jun-14 20:24:31

Cheese and tiredness

Downamongtherednecks Thu 05-Jun-14 20:24:34

dehydration, too much salt.

lurkerspeaks Thu 05-Jun-14 20:24:50

Mine are tiredness and lack of caffeine.

midnight1983 Thu 05-Jun-14 20:24:50

Bright or flashing lights and sleep deprivation. Sugar. Citrus fruits.

DocDaneeka Thu 05-Jun-14 20:25:00

In order of significance:

Fluorescent lights

Tiredness and or illness, being run down

Perfume or strong smells


Being stressed, then not being stressed (so called weekend migraine)

Sleeping or sitting funny and getting a stiff neck, seems to creep up and over and trigger one if I don't get busy with the paracetamol


Sugar overload

Too much or too little exceed isle

Concentrating too hard/ stress ( always get one in an exam)

Usually some up fathomable combination of the above. Never found any specific food triggers

Morethanalittlebitconfused Thu 05-Jun-14 20:26:07

Oh wow! Lots of us with bad heads

I'm thinking I can rule hormones out as I don't use contraception and they happen regularly through the month

It might be stress, but I've nothing particular to be overly stressed about

Tiredness, I go to bed when I feel tired and wake naturally after 7.5hrs sleep which seems to be my body rhythm

I'll try cutting out tomatoes and I've stopped wearing perfume

Can posture do it? Just something that came to mind

DocDaneeka Thu 05-Jun-14 20:26:14

Exceed isle????

Excercise ffs

Cordial Thu 05-Jun-14 20:26:32

Hormones and the pill
Not being consistent,neuro recommend get up at same time , go bed at same time. Is there a rhythm to your attacks? Always a certain day/ week ??

I have exercise related migraine too which is a pia.

Body temperature can be a problem, if I get too hot that Can bring on attack.

PrincessOfChina Thu 05-Jun-14 20:26:59

Hormones for me. No other trigger pattern that I can discern.

Sometimes I get them around ovulation as well as when my period is arriving.

DocDaneeka Thu 05-Jun-14 20:27:18

more than it does for me

Chiropractor usually sorts that out for me, but it was costing ££££

Morethanalittlebitconfused Thu 05-Jun-14 20:27:24

Sorry I cross posted with loads of you!

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