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Draw Something - anyone want to play?

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SnotandBothered Thu 05-Jun-14 18:04:51

A year or two back there was a Draw Something thread which was much better than playing randoms.

I have just 'rediscovered' it on my iPad and get the feeling I am playing American 9 year olds....

Anyone want to play? My name is 'SlightlyScribbly' please add me. I am fairly crap and happy to play anyone grin

If you want to me on the MN 'Draw Something' list, just post your DS name here and we can add each other.

Out this evening but will be in later and will play in bed

Ebb Thu 05-Jun-14 18:33:23

I'll add you. grin I've reached over 1000 with one mnetter. too much time on my hands

SnotandBothered Thu 05-Jun-14 18:37:04

Yaaaay. What's you DS name Ebb?

SnotandBothered Thu 05-Jun-14 18:40:51

Ah ignore last post Ebb, I've found you.

Anyone else?

Ebb Thu 05-Jun-14 18:42:58

Have sent you a picture.

CorusKate Thu 05-Jun-14 18:45:17

Great idea - why not post in the Gaming section too OH WAIT WE DONT HAVE ONE YET MNHQ PULL YOUR FINGER OUT grin

SnotandBothered Thu 05-Jun-14 18:50:21

grin Corus.

Come and play though...

OeufieTheEggaphant Thu 05-Jun-14 18:55:58

Awesome idea grin I'm ImDraculaBlehBlehBleh

CorusKate Thu 05-Jun-14 18:58:49

I deleted it a yonk ago and can't remember my details sad But here's my favourite picture I ever drew smile

CorusKate Thu 05-Jun-14 19:07:16

And yes, my grammar is being affected by that thread about people being "excited for" things, and I'm now completely incapable of remembering which tense I would usually use for that kind of sentence.

SourSweets Thu 05-Jun-14 19:29:26

Me please! I'm shellfishsmith

SnotandBothered Fri 06-Jun-14 00:47:55

SourSweets. I will add you or you can add me: SlightlyScribbly

Any more for any more?

SurfBoredCat Fri 06-Jun-14 00:56:11

Ooh I can't sleep so I'll join in!

I'm surfboredsquirrel smile

HaveAGander Fri 06-Jun-14 01:08:12

Added you all grin

SnotandBothered Fri 06-Jun-14 13:20:38

My ipad keeps saying 'we can't find that user'. Tried to add you Shelfish and you Surfbored

Can you add me instead? SkightlyScribbly

CecyHall Fri 06-Jun-14 13:33:27

I used to love this game!

I've retegistered as cecyhalldraws if anyone wants to play

SnotandBothered Fri 06-Jun-14 13:48:39

Cecy. I just sent you a pic grin

Is MKath one of you? I'm stuck...

SourSweets Fri 06-Jun-14 15:32:13

I've just done such a dodgy drawing, if it went to any of you... I'm so sorry! It looked different in my head blush

SurfBoredCat Fri 06-Jun-14 21:51:20

I can only apologise to the person who got my picture of a fountain.
On the replay it did look like, ahem, a rather 'excited' phallus!


CecyHall Fri 06-Jun-14 21:59:03

I'm sorry about my cowboy who's head wouldn't fit on his body earlier! Luckily it was still guessed!

GirlAnachronism Fri 06-Jun-14 22:22:37

im just about to draw you a picture smile , i too am bored of the american 9 year olds..... i'm registered as girlanachronism99

Can I join in? I am fritzorphan and I'm spectacularly rubbish!

BigBroIsWatching Fri 06-Jun-14 23:36:22

God, I'm crap.

HaveAGander Sat 07-Jun-14 02:04:20

Haha I think I got the penis fountain! Although I swear I didn't make the connection at the time. wink

All of mine have been awful, far too many to apologise for now, but the rat I drew and erased 3 times was possibly the worst.

DoAndroidsDream Sat 07-Jun-14 04:10:15

CorusKate, that looks like a brown hairy nose. Is that what it's supposed to be?

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