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800 babies found buried in septic tank in Ireland - *potential TRIGGER*

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CabbagesAndKings Mon 02-Jun-14 20:04:39

DM link, sorry

Non DM link

This has hardly been picked up on by the media, from what I can see.

The children were born at a home for unmarried mothers, run by the Bon Secours sisters. Many of them died within living memory- the home only opened in the 30s and closed in the 60s.

Inspections at the time described the children as being fragile, malnourished and ill. Some survivors have come forward to describe the horrific treatment they suffered at the hands of the nuns

The bodies were thrown into unmarked, unconsecrated graves.

Personally I think there's enough basis for the grave to be treated as a potential crime scene.

Irish government & the RC church thinks that putting a wee memorial up will make it all better though.

800 babies.

CabbagesAndKings Mon 02-Jun-14 20:12:16
AnyaKnowIt Mon 02-Jun-14 20:13:09

Fucking hell, I really don't know what to say!

CruCru Mon 02-Jun-14 20:14:01

How dreadful.

Spurtle Mon 02-Jun-14 20:14:26


Cocolepew Mon 02-Jun-14 20:15:05


whereisthewitch Mon 02-Jun-14 20:16:18

Absolutely disgusting specimens of humanity (the nuns). Hope they're all rotting in the fieriest pit of hell they could ever imagine themselves.

Those poor poor babies sad

ShineSmile Mon 02-Jun-14 20:16:28

Horrific sad

CinnabarRed Mon 02-Jun-14 20:17:04

I can't believe this horrible story hasn't been reported more widely. It's horrific. Why not?

Bearandcub Mon 02-Jun-14 20:17:05

Is this real? I feel physically sick at the possibility.

ballsballsballs Mon 02-Jun-14 20:17:29

That is so, so sad. The 'sins' of the parents visited on innocent children.

CabbagesAndKings Mon 02-Jun-14 20:18:12

Is it me or is it fucking ridiculous that this is being shrugged off as 'one of those things' and 'the way things were' back then.

We're talking a few decades, not a few centuries! Some of the mothers of those children may still be alive, also the nuns, and children who survived the home of course.

But ah well, a memorial will do

I'd be getting the crime scene tape out personally.

Fuck sake

MrsAlexVause Mon 02-Jun-14 20:18:19

sad I have no words

HecatePropylaea Mon 02-Jun-14 20:19:02

My god.

There has GOT to be proper investigation and action. I cannot believe what is being and has been swept under the carpet.

Is the catholic church really THAT powerful?

I can't believe people who dedicated themselves to Christianity could be so completely without even a scrap of what it supposedly means.

CoconutAmericano Mon 02-Jun-14 20:19:20

Poor poor babies. I can only imagine the horrors those women and babies endured. Rip to every baby who died at the hands if those evil bastards. One of the many reasons i want nothing more to do with the catholic church. Wish there was an official way i could leave.

OHforDUCKScake Mon 02-Jun-14 20:19:43

They're making out that the babies died naturally.

Of course the fucking didnt.

I want to avert my eyes when I see this but I cant seem to stop reading. Im waiting for it to escalate or for arrests or for someone to be held responsible or for it to be considered murder or something.

Dodgy as fuck, those poor, poor women.

CabbagesAndKings Mon 02-Jun-14 20:20:06

It is real unfortunately. It's only surprising because of the sheer number of children, I think. Everyone knows what went on, it's just that nobody gave a shit, because the mothers were sluts and the children were bastards.

Just as long as everyone else can toddle smugly off to Mass, eh.

OHforDUCKScake Mon 02-Jun-14 20:20:28

I mean 800!


Liara Mon 02-Jun-14 20:21:08

Sadly this is just another case of horrendous abuse by nuns in Ireland. There are so many, that people have taken to just shrugging them off.

Yet another of the Catholic church's great shames.

whereisthewitch Mon 02-Jun-14 20:21:09

Typical irish government. ...The Catholic Church stands behind it like some controlling puppet master.

MILLYmo0se Mon 02-Jun-14 20:21:15

It's been in the papers/news all week, the mortality rate in these places was at least twice the national rate, sometimes more . They have barely begun to uncover the abuse carried out in institutions run by members of the church worldwide imo .

CabbagesAndKings Mon 02-Jun-14 20:21:19

If you can call being starved, beaten and neglected over a period of time as 'dying naturally', then I guess they did

Though if they bothered examining the skeletons properly, which they won't, I wonder how many fractures and breaks they would find?

Is someone saying they were murdered confused

Weren't they all still born, died very young?

meditrina Mon 02-Jun-14 20:23:19

I think the reason it's nt making headline news is because (if I read the linked article right) the site has been tended as an infant grave for 35 years. So the facts of the deaths and undignified burial isn't news.

The fundraising for a better memorial is current, and investigations into why the records of the deaths were inadequate/non-existent continues.

SoleSource Mon 02-Jun-14 20:24:07

One is horrific enough but 800 sad

Those cunts.

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