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Pointless Facebook statuses

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BlondieBrownie Mon 02-Jun-14 18:41:03

'My car insurance is due and I cannot remember my registration number!'

Go and look at your car then confused

Any other pointless statuses you've seen?

The "repost this if you love your son" ones make my face twist funnily.

<<rolls eyes>>.

Pheonixisrising Mon 02-Jun-14 18:48:43

the ones where they put they are pissed off but don't say why blah blah blah

and await the replies ' what's up hun ? ' vomit inducing .............

phantomnamechanger Mon 02-Jun-14 18:49:04

endless photos of peoples dinners - not even special dinners, or parties etc, just shots of their everyday dinners. Just - why??????

and the school reports day crap "so proud of my lo, what a wonderful report - mummy loves you xx" <boak>

Icelollycraving Mon 02-Jun-14 19:06:50

If I see another feeling blessed I might vom. She did say aren't we all blessed,aren't you so thankful everyday. All her other friends came on who were equally perky. I said no,I don't feel that actually. It was quite refreshing to say it.

I really hate when people post things like 'Anyone know what time Tesco opens today?' or ask questions that would take as long to google and find the answer as it has taken to post the question on Facebook.
I really don't understand those ones confused

CruCru Mon 02-Jun-14 19:10:04

I hate the ones with a sick baby which say 1 like is one prayer. God (or whoever you believe in) doesn't count up FB likes.

BarbaraPalmer Mon 02-Jun-14 19:13:17

i don't mind the food pornographers or overly proud parents (although would plead not guilty to both myself). it's the semi-cryptic "Can't believe people would be so horrible - guess I know who my real friends are" type that I hate.

that, and my brother's new partner, who it appears cannot look at a single page on the internet without Liking and Sharing afterwards

whynowblowwind Mon 02-Jun-14 19:14:27

Ah it's all good fun. I quite miss Facebook: I still have an account but it's "shared" with DH! So I can't put any silly statuses!

meditrina Mon 02-Jun-14 19:15:08

I was hoping it might be some sort of battle between Xander and Richard

<wanders off, disappointed>

anyoldname76 Mon 02-Jun-14 19:17:46

I hate the cryptic status ones as well. Also the competitive parenting ones, one fb friends daughter was practically walking when she was still in her womb hmm

MummyBeerest Mon 02-Jun-14 19:17:55

Anything about the weather.

Though it does amuse me. I like to pretend they're actually meteorologists with their own silly anecdotes and editorials.

magpiegin Mon 02-Jun-14 19:20:02

'Happy first birthday to my beautiful pfb'. Yes because at age 1 she is regularly reading Facebook isn't she?

SaidFlorence Mon 02-Jun-14 19:20:39

I want to post this on most of them

Petitgrain Mon 02-Jun-14 19:21:14

My favourite attention seeking status of all time was written by an acquaintance who was instantly de-friended. It read, simply, "amitriptyline".

balenciaga Mon 02-Jun-14 19:23:02

Oh I love a good FB thread


balenciaga Mon 02-Jun-14 19:23:36

@ petit grain hahhhahaa grin

ashtrayheart Mon 02-Jun-14 19:24:51

The 'when blah blah blah, that' ones get on my nerves (if you know the ones I mean!) it's as old as 'the awkward moment when' type statuses.
Got a work colleague on mine who shares such vomit inducing stories and quotes that I might have to hide her soon.

Redcoats Mon 02-Jun-14 19:25:03

grin meditrina. Took me a minute to get that!

Like this to get a million likes to beat cancer. If only it was that easy.
I do love a good attention seeking 'you know who you're friends are/what's up hun/can't say on here'. Stfu then.

1944girl Mon 02-Jun-14 19:25:39

Ah Facebook the nation's boasting site

ScrambledEggAndToast Mon 02-Jun-14 19:35:08

The really really long ones telling everyone very personal stuff. Someone I know does this and it's so cringeworthy. Or the ones where they tell you exactly what they are doing however boring e.g. " Just been doing then ironing, then I went to tesco to buy jam but they didn't have the one I like so I bought peanut butter. Then I came home and had a cup of tea and ate a penguin" Woo, thrilling confused

OnlyLovers Mon 02-Jun-14 19:35:54

"Can't believe people would be so horrible - guess I know who my real friends are" type

Yes, those ones. Just fucking say it. Or keep it to yourself. Passive-aggressive shite.

My FB statuses are always, but always, massively pointful/profound/hilarious/thought-provoking, of course. wink

PeachTrees Mon 02-Jun-14 19:39:25

'life is amazing at the my gorgeous babyz and great man' day ...'I hate my life!'

picnicbasketcase Mon 02-Jun-14 19:41:21

I post PA ones sometimes but I quickly pull my head back out of my arse and delete them again blush

RumAppleGinger Mon 02-Jun-14 19:45:09

Any that include the phrase "you know who you are". Yeah! And so do you so just tell that fucking person ya knob.

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