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O with an omelette on top

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CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 13:54:29

DP just used this phrase to describe an ö (o with an umlaut, if that's not showing up properly) grin

I love it.

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 13:55:27

sad I thought this would be a recipe

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 13:57:02

What, for egg-based sexy-times?

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:02:36

no, I was thinking more along the lines of the story of bagel sad

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:15:22

What's the story of bagel?

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:16:37

that's what I was hoping to find out when I clicked on the thread

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:17:13

(if you want to start this thread again I promise not to post on it)

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 13-May-14 14:17:18



CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:20:36

Ha Mitchy you've intrigued me now grin

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:22:08

it's lunchtime

you said omelette

and there was a bagel shaped character that I now realise is the letter pronounced 'oh'

am really most sincerely soz, the umlaut thing is very funny

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:24:23

Are you on a diet by any chance Mitchy cause I know I see food everywhere when I'm hungry?

Also I fancy a bagel now. Damn.

spottydolphin Tue 13-May-14 14:28:19

bagel with a fried egg on... genius!

need bagels now.
and eggs.

i rather think I'd enjoy "the story of bagel" far more than I enjoyed " the story of O"

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:31:59

not really but am a bit obsessed with omelettes (or frittate really), would be happy just to have one every day and no other meal

haven't had a bagel for fucking ages

I love picking all the bread out of each half until they are a nice hard round furrow to be filled with sticky stuff

StampyIsMyBoyfriend Tue 13-May-14 14:34:17

I too was hoping for egg based sexy times! grin

Coumarin Tue 13-May-14 14:36:02

A bagel with an egg on top is one of the sexiest times you can have. Especially if you throw a slice of bacon on there too.

<rubs thighs>

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:37:30

sex and food are pretty separate pleasures for me

like sex and having a poo, don't understand how people manage to combine the two

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:38:20

I was maybe ten when I read a The Story of O.

I didn't think it was very good. grin

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:38:37

Where did that "a" come from?

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:39:34

Sorry, but with a bagel, it has to be scrambled eggs. No other type of egg is acceptable.

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:41:00

How about food and having a poo, Mitchy?

StampyIsMyBoyfriend Tue 13-May-14 14:41:13

I like a bagel with cream cheese & crispy bacon grin

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:42:18

Least Kosher Bagel Award.

mrsbucketxx Tue 13-May-14 14:43:57

what was the story line of the story of o

im intrigued

CorusKate Tue 13-May-14 14:50:12

As far as I remember, it's an S&M story from the point of view of a woman whose partner passes her round his S&M-based social circles.

Mitchy1nge Tue 13-May-14 14:51:13

well having a poo is enjoying your food in its dotage isn't it, at a more venerable sort of stage when it is dementing its way to the great sewage works of life

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