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Harry Enfields sketch shows from the 90's.

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Rhine Sat 03-May-14 22:28:58

I used to absolutely love Harry Enfield's show back in the 90's. I noticed they were being repeated on Gold the other night and I remembered hoe much I used to look forward to Friday nights, me and my family would be pissing ourselves laughing at it.

The best remembered characters seem to be Kevin and Perry the teenagers, but there was also Smashie and Nicey the DJ's who probably helped to bring about a massive shake up at radio one, Wayne and Waynetta Slob, the Old Gits, Tim Nice. But Dim and The Scousers. The sketch where the Scousers went down to London was fucking hilarious and I've been trying to find it on YouTube but it doesn't seem to be on there.

Why don't they make sketch shows like this anymore?

EasterSundaySimmons Sat 03-May-14 22:54:22

My friend Neil was upstairs in his bedroom watch in an episode and his dad downstairs heard him laughing. Suddenly there was a loud thump and no more laughing.

His dad rushed up and found him having a fit and then Neil became unconscious and was rushed to hospital. He had suffered a one off epileptic type fit brought on by laughing so much at the Harry Enfield show!

He wasn't allowed to drive his jeep for five years and as far as I know, he never had another fit again!

Those days were bloody brilliant and the Harry Enfield show was hilarious.

One of my cousins bought a flat from Harry Enfield back in the day and he left a small sofa there!

You don't want to do it like that! My cousin and I used to say that all the time and thought it was hilarious!

Superb writing and acting.

iklboo Sat 03-May-14 22:56:04

I'm so looking forward to the BBC2 comedy night where all the sketch show stalwarts are back on - Harry Enfield, Fast Show etc.

morethanpotatoprints Sat 03-May-14 22:59:44

I liked the one where Waynetta told harry she had to leave him as she had to give frogmella a brown sibling, like all the other girls on the estate.
Also, at the christening when the vicar asks who is the Godfather and they all chorus Marlon Brando.
I agree OP, so funny.
The other good sketch show had to be Smack the Pony, this too was great with the competitive parents. grin

Rhine Sat 03-May-14 23:17:37

I remember the Smashie and Nicey special which was a mockumentary about their sacking from Fab FM, it actually echoed what was going on in real life at the time with the old R1 DJ's.

Even now, whenever I head Bachman Turner. Overdrive's " You Ain't seen Nothing yet" I think of those characters.

I liked Les the barman. There's a poster on here called "maureen m love" in honour of him grin

Sharptic Sat 03-May-14 23:24:55

We sometimes show our kids the sketch where Lulu and her big brother, played by Harry and Kathy Burke are misbehaving! We recorded it on Gold.

Watching grown adults, dressed as babies, tantruming, soon makes our two behave!

readyforno2 Sat 03-May-14 23:31:59

My favourite sketch is the one when Harry becomes a teenager. Comedy genius!!
I intend on showing ds once it happens to him

Boltonlass1972 Sat 03-May-14 23:34:21

Oh yes, we have shown the sketch 'Kevin turns 13'to our 13 year old ds!

ComeHeather Sat 03-May-14 23:36:19

DH and me still use the phrase "'aving.a.fag" for when we can't be arsed to do something when the other asks us too.

It's in memory of Waynetta explaining why she can't go and feed frogmella.

Also "it's not so much a collection as we couldn't be arsed to throw them away" said in a Waynetta-talking-posh-voice, when she asked about her collection of pizza boxes. We say that for any random pile of stuff in the house.

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Sat 03-May-14 23:43:51

Lulu and her brother were Lilly and Alfie Allen.

As a Liverpudlian I never found the scousers the least bit funny. Even less so 20 years later. Calm down? (massive yawn).

MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Sat 03-May-14 23:55:35

Lily and Alfie Allen?? No fucking way! But surely Lily's older than Alfie, and the girl was younger than the boy...

Jeesus, I do feel old now though!

MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Sat 03-May-14 23:59:04

My favourite sketch was from the very early days, a team of crap superheroes, featuring She-Type-Cat-Woman-Thing. That was back when Kevin was just the annoying little kid.

I liked the Paul Whitehouse footballer character who was South American but occasionally slipped into Geordie.

Ruddy Hell it's Harry and Paul was shite though!

iklboo Sun 04-May-14 00:06:25

You mean based on Lily & Alfie Allen? shock

TalisaMaegyr Sun 04-May-14 00:17:22

Yes, Harry Enfield was their stepdad!

TalisaMaegyr Sun 04-May-14 00:18:22

Perry from Kevin & Perry was based on Perry Fenwick who plays Billy Mitchell in Eastenders. He was Kathy Burke's childhood mate grin

MrsRuffdiamond Sun 04-May-14 00:30:38

Do you remember Harry Enfield as Loadsamoney, and Stavros, on Saturday Live in the 80s? grin

SpeedwellBlue Sun 04-May-14 05:56:43

I loved the Cholmondley -Warners. "One of the women is about to embarrass us all. "I think we should stay off the gold standard so that our exports can remain competitive. " "Daphne, we're going home! " etc

MuttonCadet Sun 04-May-14 06:01:31

We showed the boys Kevin turning into a teenager on their 13th birthdays. grin

SpocksThirdEar Sun 04-May-14 06:27:23

Only me!

I still use some Harry Enfield catchphrases along with DH and my best friend.

My best friend and I often do the randy old ladies bit "pooh young man" when we see a gorgeous bloke. Now we really are old ladies to these gorgeous young things! We started doing as teenagers to slightly older men. Sad.

JakeBullet Sun 04-May-14 06:37:27

Loved Loadsamoney and Stavros. Also loved the cousin of Loadsamoney who was Buggerallmoney.

Back in the 80s I was a student nurse during all the Day of Action stuff where there were various protests taking place about changes in nursing and the NHS. I managed to blag tickets to see a comedy show in London with loads of "right on" comics of the day. Think the profits went to charity.
All these comics came on stage doing very anti-Thatcher gags etc and were fab. Then Harry Enfield came on as Loadsamoney and began by shouting "get back to work you slags"...he then went on to say he didn't care about the NHS as he went private. At the time nurses were asking for about £10 a week pay he got out £10 and burnt it on stage...bought the house down with laughter. Absolutely so funny.

JakeBullet Sun 04-May-14 06:42:03

My Mum (70 next birthday) has a liking for Ronan sister and I always refer to him as "ooh young man in her presence" and call her "a lovely, wobbly, randy old lady". She forgives us....just about grin.

AndyWarholsBanana Sun 04-May-14 06:48:20

I used to love the blunt/rude Yorkshire psychotherapist who I think was based on Jefferey Boycott who used to verbally abuse all his patients. And Mr Cholmondleu Warner - "Women! Know your limits!"

'Women! Know your limits!'

Tiredemma Sun 04-May-14 06:53:19

Loved this show- but have to admit that nothing compares to The Fast Show.

Why they dont make sketch shows like this anymore I dont know.

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