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"An epic novel to immerse oneself and luxuriate in"


Bookclubbers have been gripped by August bookclub choice, The Signature of All Things over the summer and author Elizabeth Gilbert joins us for webchat on 16 September at 9pm.

Book giveaway

Who Are You

We’ve got 50 copies of Who are you? by Elizabeth Forbes to give away this week. When Juliet begins to suspect her ex-army officer husband is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the family face tough decisions.

Book giveaway


Hector Trogg is a schoolboy who daydreams of aerial dogfights and tank battles. When he receives an inheritance, his dreams turn to reality - with hilarious consequences. Apply now to win one of 50 free copies of Paul Booth's action-packed tale.

Great reads for school starters


What did you read to your children when they were about to embark on their schooling adventure? We've rounded-up Mumsnetters' favourite books about starting school.

Summer Reads 2014


Summer is well and truly here so we've put together a marvellous selection of summer reads to help you choose the precious books that will make it into your suitcase. Do have a good browse and let us know if you think we've missed any must-reads off the list. 

A literary expedition across Europe


Inspired by sonjadog’s wonderful thread, we’ve compiled an A-Z which will take you on a literary expedition across the great and eclectic continent of Europe. Pack your bags and your kindle and be on your way…

"I expect we are all oddballs at heart"


Karen Joy Fowler joined us to discuss her fascinating novel We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. She spoke of her opinions on animal rights, the thrill of being longlisted for the Man Booker Prize and the inspiration behind her literary creation.

Local Independent bookshops

the winding stair

Mumsnet Local editors have rounded up the best of the independent bookshops. Check out the list to find great book stores in your area.

Mumsnet cookbook: Top Bananas!

top bananas

We're giving away 30 copies of Mumsnet's first cookbook, Top Bananas! Loaded with 120 tried-and-tested recipes (by Mumsnetters), there's breakfasts, Sunday lunches, cooking with kids and heaps more. Plus watch the video for our three-minute sponge cake! 

Mumsnet guides

Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories

Did you know that in addition to the vast repository of wisdom that is Mumsnet Talk, you can also get some of the best bits in book form? Find out more about our Mumsnet guides, including the Book of Bedtime Stories written by Mumsnetters. 

Top tips from debut authors


'Everyone has a book in them,' as the saying goes. If you're waiting to unleash your own story, we've tapped into the wisdom of some of the debut novelists whose creations have been featured on Mumsnet, and asked them to come up with their top 10 tips for budding authors

Join book club

Book club giveaway

If Goodnight Moon was the last book you finished and your brain is starting to atrophy, it's high time you joined Mumsnet book club. Brain-stimulating banter guaranteed. And free copies of our chosen books up for grabs, too.



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