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Latest video: Things you don't know before you're expecting


Expecting a baby - and a bit befuddled by the reams of info and advice out there? Enter Mumsnet's Bumpfest - no fluff, no fuss, just the advice you need from people who know.

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Super-easy fishtail plait

Fishtail plaits - actually much less complicated than they look!

Three-minute sponge

Mumsnet hacks the perfect pudding – whisk, cook, and smother in custard. Delicious.

Prawn and orange tagine

Delicious Middle Eastern recipe from the top chefs behind Honey & Co.

Mumsnet meets Hillary Clinton

Possible Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton answers your questions.

Money-saving food swaps

The brilliant Jack Monroe shares her best substitues for fancy-pants ingredients.

Sticky Chinese chicken

This quick family dish is packed with authentic flavours.

Gorgeous girls' up-do

How to create a plaited bun, perfect for special occasions.

Pregnancy exercise: Top tips

Jessica Ennis-Hill shares with Mumsnet her top tips for exercising during pregnancy.

Raspberry jam chicken

Because kids will eat anything covered in jam. This flavour combination is a winner.

Hands-off tomato sauce

Chop, plonk, and roast – this is a perfect veg sauce for pasta or pizza toppings.




Last updated: 19-Aug-2014 at 2:26 PM