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Alternative ways to use freakin' loom bands

Her house may be over-run with the tiny plastic blighters, but Wife Mum Student Bum won't let them defeat her - here, she finds some new uses for them

loom bands

"Do you also have kids that are obsessed with this loom band thing? What IS it all about?

I mean they are all very pretty and everything, and I have some lovely bracelets, but we need to have 987,894 of them hanging around the house?

So I have made a detailed post of alternative uses for loom bands..."

Monday's blog of the day: Divorce: I'm proud of the way my children have coped

Break Up and Shine reflects on how she talked to her kids about splitting from their Dad, and how they have dealt with the divorce

divorce"My beautiful boys were 6 and 4-years-old when we sat down and told them that daddy was not going to be living with us anymore; my baby girl was little more than a newborn.

I was as angry for them that day. My grief was as much for my hopes and expectations about the children’s childhoods, as it was for our relationship.

But in the last four years I have witnessed that children have their own life paths to lead too, and this was part of their journey." 

Friday's blog of the day: My daughter's final school play - to wee or not to wee?

Wife Mum Student Bum explains why watching her eldest's last school play with toddlers in tow didn't *quite* go to plan


"The play begins. Beaming smiles from the children, lovely bright songs. Teachers miming the dance moves to the little cherubs proud as punch. Oh, it's lovely. You worry you might cry at the end, but there's no need. You won't cry.

Something far more embarrassing awaits you. Alice sits nicely on your knee, laughing and dancing to the songs. Then comes the dreaded few words uttered at the most inconvenient times...

'Mummy... I need a wee.'"

Thursday's blog of the day: Why I'm sending my son to a school in special measures

Desert Mum explains why, against everyone's advice, her son will be attending a failing school

school run"We were actually going to have to make a decision – and this establishment, with its poor test results and shocking attendance figures, was our catchment school. The head of Joel’s preschool had warned us of the 'rough families' it attracted, and advised not to go near it with a barge pole.

Our next-door-neighbour’s daughter, having spent a few weeks in the school, was told by one of the teachers that there was a 'much better school down the road', with the implication that this intelligent young girl would be better catered for there. She promptly moved school." 

Wednesday's blog of the day: Why is my daughter so clingy? 

Mummy of Boy Girl Twins wonders whether her daughter's separation anxiety is just a passing phase


"I am desperate for the toilet.

I explain to my daughter Lottie: "Mummy is just going to run very fast upstairs and have a quick wee-wee. Mummy won't be long. Mummy will be back very soon".

​This instantly causes her bottom lip to tremble. Real tears appear down her cheeks. And she stands screaming at the bottom stair gate, until I (very quickly) reappear and comfort her.

Welcome to my world of having a very clingy child. " 

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