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Richard Dawkins: you do not speak for me

Suggesting that there are different 'types' of rape undermines the victim's trauma, writes Put Up With Rain

richard dawkins

"Rape is rape. There are no sliding scales involved. One does not simply grade the levels of violence or threat involved to determine who has suffered most. There is no graph to determine the level of harm done.

You have no authority to determine my experience. You have no right to claim your belief is worth more than my knowledge. You offer your opinion, Professor Dawkins. I can offer to explain to you my life. Yet I know this is futile, as you will not listen to me." 

Tuesday's blog of the day: I've had two kids - stop asking me if I'm 'beach-ready'

Sisterhood (and all that) sticks two fingers up at the pressure to achieve beach-body perfection

beach body

"I’ve just come back from a beach holiday; the overwhelming thing when I really looked around me is that we really do come in all shapes and sizes.

Over two weeks I saw perhaps one body that resembled the kind of toned woman you might see in an ad, and I’m being completely honest when I say she looked odd next to the rest of us.

The array of bellies was tremendous – tiny waists, muffin tops, athletic toned midriffs and many, many mum tums. It’s not even about weight when it comes to the belly area after you've had kids. Once that skin has been stretched, especially more than once, it changes. Oh, it changes."

Monday's blog of the day: Has my daughter inherited my social outcast status?

The Vacillating Mother has always kept to the fringes; now that her daughter seems to be doing the same, she hopes it's a choice rather than a hereditary trait 

mother daughter"In the twelve months or more she has been at her nursery, she has only ever been invited to one birthday party, while other children seem to be at at least one every weekend.

But is it something in her character or is it a product of the fact that her parents don’t assimilate into parent groups as much as they ought to? Should the Doc and I be doing more to ingratiate ourselves into these cliques?" 

Friday's blog of the day: Anyone else experiencing Hot Kid Rage?

With an Indian summer upon us, Hurrah for Gin reflects on all those little annoyances liable to mar your family 'treats' - sun cream application rage, anyone?

summer strop

"It's summer and it's a good one. Well, I say good, although its starting to feel a bit bad, because it's getting rather relentless. It's too HOT all the time.

I'm sorry. How terribly British, to get a wonderful burst of weather and complain about it. But you see it's like being on holiday except all the best bits have been removed - no pool, no cocktail of the day and no kids club conga to come and take the small ones off your hands for a couple of hours.

Just lots of hot and lots of kids. And kids + hot = hot kid rage.'"


Thursday's blog of the day: How to do the summer holidays when you're skint

With six weeks to kill and approximately 50p in her bank account, How to be a Domestic Disgrace comes up with some alternative holiday plans

sprinkler"Kid's so bored most of the time that he thinks housework is fun. Or maybe he considers it a novelty because I do so little of it.

Anyway, he likes nothing better than whipping around the furniture with the Mr Sheen and a duster, so he can crack on with that while I make headway with the Pimms.

Yesterday, he followed me outside while I was hanging out the washing. "If you're a really good boy, I'll show you how to peg out the washing on your own during the summer holidays", I said. He actually hugged me.

Parenting: I have nailed it." 

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