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Photographing your family | Weekly photography challenge

from Sympathy Pains @London Mums

A first time father's lighthearted tongue-in-cheek journey through pregnancy and beyond


Day 206 – Project 365 – Chillin

from OneDad3Girls

Twitter: @OneDad3Girls

The tales of our young family including stories, recipes, photos and reviews.


Dear Isaac (9)

from Dinner by Dad

Adventures and experiences of a dinner-cooking first-time dad.


I'm thinking of a career change

from Daddy Smurf's Diary

Twitter: @DaddySmurfDiary

Welcome to Daddy Smurf's Diary written by Daddy Smurf (Rob,32, local journalist) about the journey to fatherhood for the first time.

the dad network

Harry & Jack's Adventure Packs - Product Review

from The Dad Network

Twitter: @thedadnetworkuk

A network for expecting, new and experienced dads about dad stuff!

Deaf Dad

Deaf News: Hearing Link urge Deaf adults to give their views on hearing service...

from The Limping Chicken

Twitter: @charlie_swin

This blogger's writing about being a deaf stay-at-home dad.


Family Friday Linky – 25th July – 28th July 2014

from DannyUK

The ramblings of any and everything by a dad-of-four. The blog is not restricted to stuff about kids.


An Evolved nation

from Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

A new fresh daddy diary with all the ins outs, ups and downs of my journey into fatherhood - postings news and reviews and all the inbetween

Strange Tales

First review of "Drive" is in...

from Strange Tales

Twitter: @MarkEWest

The online home for UK horror writer Mark West, featuring book and film reviews and posts on a wide variety of creative subjects.


‘Combatting Perfectionism: Seeing The Magic Through Their Eyes'

from Ideas4Dads

Inspiration and ideas through the eyes of one Dad