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How do i register my blog on mumsnet?

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Younglee Fri 11-Jan-13 22:50:42

Hello all, i've just joined mums net but can't seem to register my blog ont he bloggers network as its says i've already registered, i'm sure i'm being a bit of a doughnut but can anybody pls help?

As a stay at home dad (who leads a double life as a DJ at night) i'm really glad i've found this site, great chat, blogs, advice etc.

If you get a minute to have a look, i've just started my blog about life with my two wee children. Totally new to blogging so any tips or advice would be most appreciated

Tee2072 Mon 14-Jan-13 21:30:12

Well, there is a Dad with 2 kids on the 'D' list:

Look here

Is that you?

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